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Sacred 2: Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian

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Thank you Flix for such a lovely compliment, I feel sincerely honoured, if you are interested, I have made other dungeon designs that are also available to view in my Trimble SketchUp Profile at the SketchUp Ware house. I have been contemplating if I should do more dungeon designs or not, I mean I do not want that to be the only thing that I'm good at in SketchUp and I have made other models. I have been using Sketchup since way back in the day it was the property of Google in it's 7th version release. I have made a whole lot more in my current account with Trimble, suffice as to say my old models are linked to an old account I sadly no longer have access to, but I at least I have a link to my profile of that old account that I am more than willing to share a link if you're interested, it's okay if not, but all of my older models and lots more of them are there. Anyway I decided rather than do too many other dungeon designs, I would make one mega one, I have images of dungeon maps from which I have created my dungeons from and no that isn't cheating, as I have to draw every single section, there is pulling up all of the walls then actually having texture all of them,which is a lot of work, many hours and time spent doing all of that. I use Images for my textures to which now I have my very own Textures Library and it's quite big. I cannot thank you enough for both your comment and your compliment.

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Gogoblender, thank you so much for the comment and I am honoured, In fact, I am surprised to get a comment from you another moderator and 1 administrator. I am so completely overwhelmed. Yes, Sacred 2 is definitely by far the most best RPG I have ever played since Darkstone (PSone) and Draken: The Ancient Gates (PS2), I have been playing Sacred 2 for over 8 years+ now and I can safely say, it's not easy, but worth while learning what works in the game and what does not and which are the best skill sets, to chose, etc. It's quite a learning curve and I never get tired of playing the game. In fact I like Sacred 2 more than the first game, Sacred. But that's just me personally, as well as wishing there were a male and female version of each character, or just simply more characters to be able to chose from. I have some interesting character ideas, but I do not know if it is possible to add extra ones to the game or not and I'm no game maker, I'm just a person as I said, that likes to make and build 3D Models, from dungeon designs to the Doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who, my concept of a new Kit Car (Knight Rider) and even a few own concepts for the TARDIS Console.

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Delta, thank you also for your comment, it made me giggle lots. SketchUp like Sacred 2, it's quite a learning curve and I love equally every aspect of model making as I do playing Sacred 2. I only wish I knew how to do computer programming to be able to make my own game. Alas, I cannot, as I am learning disabled. I never thought I would quite get the hang of SketchUp, but thankfully it really does have easy to use tools/functionality, true it seems daunting at first and it does take some time learning how the tools work in the program and how they affect the models, when making them. It also helps having an artistic streak, though I know and respect that not everyone has one of those.

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