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Hi! Relatively new to posting on forums and retexturing here. There was a handful of helpful guides I've read from this site when I was new to Sacred (I still am) and thought I should post these to somehow give back and also because somebody out there may like one of the designs I've made. Please go easy on me I'm no pro at Photoshop. Still, I probably had more fun editing than I should, thinking it was RPG dress-up. Makes you feel like an ar-TISTE :girlove:

I've chosen the Daemon (or "Demoness" since Daemon sounds like a virtual CD drive to me) because she has wings, can fly, has horns, also the ample proportions ... did I mention the wings? Forgive the hint of blue on the larger images. They're from the character select screen.


BASE TEXTURE. A femme fatale with horns and wings reminded me of Disney's Maleficent  and so I gave her Angelina's eyes, brows, cheek contour and iconic lips as well as the skintight headpiece to cover up the bare head. The selection of the armor, spikes and whatnot will be the same for the rest only recolored. 5 skin tones for inclusivity and style including the original one. Lastly, wings could vary per color some inspired by characters from other games.

NEUTRALS. There's only a few white character recolors which I can particularly remember maybe because it's hard to nail. I say there should be more. There's the chocolate skin for better contrast and since I already have both black and white I thought I'd give the Demoness another Disney villain retouch ... Cruella De Vil.

SUCCUBI. None of the feathered wings I tried looked like that of an angel's on a bat wing model and so I just called her the Succubus; minimalistic but sleek nonetheless. Blue is the original, Red is a recolor.

FAERIE DAEMON. Blizzard fan here. Played some of their old games and still do on occasion for the nostalgia. The wings above are that of a Faerie Dragon named Brightwing from the Warcraft franchise. Almost reminiscent of fairies from cartoons like Winx if you've ever heard of it. Colorful and Whimsical.

GREEN IVY. Through with Red and Blue now for a Green one, another sexy villain ... Poison Ivy. Wings are supposed to be leaves but them looking like leathery dragon wings is still fine if not better. Armor design looks like Tinker Bell's but it's actually a leaf armor concept by a race of vegetable people called Sylvari from a game called Guild Wars 2. Googled it never played it. Stock image of vines on the arms and legs for a nice finishing touch. Best for Poison Daemon builds.

VIOLET ZERG. Another Blizzard-inspired theme ... Kerrigan Queen of Blades from the Starcraft franchise. Once an intergalactic operative teeming with psionic powers who was abandoned to die during a battle with a reptilian-insect-like hybrid race of aliens called the Zerg. She was mutated to fight against her former race, ditching bras and growing 5 inches of razor-sharp exoskeleton for heels. I cannot hope to make the Daemon look exactly like her but still dem glowing eye veins ... almost reminds me of the echoing line, "Evolution Complete."

BANSHEE. I consider this one a bonus inspired by countless reskins I've seen made by adding a colored filter to the original image. Instead, I played with the Invert filter making the Daemon look spectral. I find complementary colors interesting.


Note that the Daemon, as well as the Dwarf, re-textures work different from the other 6 as they have a single file inclusive of all body parts so I regret to say, no mixing and matching for both of them.


INSTRUCTIONS. Choose the one you like (file names are mainly by color or by how I described them here), decompress the ZIP file, and paste inside the PAK folder of your Sacred Install Directory.




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noob fails. photos not showing my bad! hope this works.

original and the black bat


white on dark skin and cruella black & white


blue and red succubi


blue and pink faerie daemons


green ivy


violet zerg




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Looks fantastic! She really does look like Maleficent in the black.  And the faerie colors remind me of Magdha from Diablo 3.

Too bad the images didn't work embedded in the description. On the file page, you can try going to "File Actions" --> "Edit Details" and take out the empty space. You can also upload the pictures by clicking "Click here if you would like to upload a new version of the file or screenshot" at the bottom of that page.


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Love the work Ysendra! It's awesome hearing that you got so inspired by the community here from way back...  :bounce: The Daemon was actually one of my top three favorites, and I love the eye you have for her colors... Thank you for gifting this to the community, with the great write up.  As Flix mentionned, its unfortunate that the images didnt come through in the first post :cry: but if you want you can still edit and upload the images if you want to complete your Oeuvre

Welcome to DarkMatters!




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Thank you for the welcome and the kind comments :smile: I do genuinely find the guides and builds here helpful since I reckon the official Sacred site is long out of commission. Never got to see it. Lifts some of the burden of the trial and error method :thumbsup:

I'll try the methods you've recommended for the missing photos. So far I've only tried to edit the description awhile ago to no avail. I believe Google Photos privacy explains the images not embedding properly. I'll try to change them to the imgur direct links I used on the comment. Thanks!

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@Ysendrawould it be alright if I featured two of these skins in my mod "Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition?"  With full credit to you of course.  I imported the Daemon into Sacred 2 a while back and I thought your textures might be nice visuals for upgrading her powers.

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On 10/23/2019 at 3:17 AM, Flix said:

@Ysendrawould it be alright if I featured two of these skins in my mod "Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition?"  With full credit to you of course.  I imported the Daemon into Sacred 2 a while back and I thought your textures might be nice visuals for upgrading her powers.

By all means please do. It's nice to have someone recognize your work and an honor to be referenced in an even greater one :yay: I'd appreciate that.

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14 hours ago, Dax said:

You did a splendid job, Ysendra! The skins look very cool. Some remind me of Bhodi from Baldurs Gate 2.


Thank you! I haven't played Baldur's Gate 2 but after some googling I agree that they do have some similarities

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