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Big fan of Diablo 2's Sorceress. I've lost count of the years I spent on & off playing with her destructive Area of Effect magic. I considered then to make a reskin for the Seraphim based on her color scheme -- Teal or Dark Green with a shade of Red for hair. Other notable characters comes into mind with this such as the alternate outfit of Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3 (made more popular by cosplayers and at times intrusive ads on the web), Mera, love interest to Aquaman, from DC Comics ... and then there's Little Mermaid.


I have included zip compilations of design options for Celestial Light and BFG in addition to the TEAL SORCERESS presets.




D2's sorceress has a middle Eastern vibe to her visuals so I gave her a tan, facial features -- one being eyes a little rounder than those I used on the black version -- and I also removed the war paint and lowered her hair line. Outfit is just a teal recolor of the black one.


SKILLS. Same as the Black reskin with Violet powers, changing skills to Teal would yield a range of colors such as mint, cyan, teal and blue brighter than the original.







Twelve Zodiac signs as Celestial Light preset to make it look like a spell circle but not too intricate to become pixelated and Diablo's pentagram and a Yin & Yang symbol as alternative designs.




Teal Storm Magic as the pre-selected BFG bullets with Arcane energy balls as an alternative as well as my hybrid sorceress' main attack spell, scorching Fireballs.

Having tried other mods while in the process of making my personalized version, I have deduced that the BFG, and other skills such as the Daemon and BM fire spells for this matter, smoothly cycles through several textures to produce a pulsating effect. With this knowledge I have made Rainbow Disco Lights.




NOTE: Recoloring particles for this texture mod may affect other objects in-game which use the same files. If you find it intrusive you may skip copying TGA files with names starting with "PARTICLE." This would turn the glow on lamp posts, etc. and some of the skills back to their regular hue.


INSTALLATION. Paste selected unzipped files inside the PAK folder of your Sacred Install Directory.





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