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Diablo IV

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On 3/24/2023 at 3:49 PM, Rotluchs said:

I hope you all'll like d4 and wont be disappointed, but the more info I read about it the more im afraid this game won't be for me anymore... Too much stuff to farm, too many ways to go, too many lvls to grind.. :) I doubt ill ever have enough time for this..

I decided to wait for the first sale and play through the main story with 1 or 2 chars.. but end game won't be for me guess im out :(

Btw got to try out the druid up to level 5 or 6 earlier today, guess I played half an hour or so ( might have been more, time flies by) performance was good on my arc a770 which I was most worried about, in that icy starter region  almost stable 60 fps on 4k with that high res pack and everything set to max, without amd fidelityfx super res 2.0


But... Camera is too close for my taste, combat hit feedback is good,just like any diablo before,

Menu/button design feels a bit clunky/off imho, but that I would get used to.. but it just didn't made "click" from the very first minute, like it used to in d3, sacred, or even wolcen... Doesn't mean its because how the game has changed, maybe its the way how I have changed.. not impressed / little underwhelmed after that first hour tho..

Will see if I can make it in-game again tonight or tomorrow, see how it goes..

Im not sure what to think of it just yet..

What about you all, is it a worthy successor, or good /great / average / bad h&s arpg, in general?


For some reason the game that d4 reminded me the most of so far, isnt any of the other diablo games we saw before, but a game called undecember.. no idea tho why..

Here for the Peeps, not just the game! 

Dinna worry Rott, there's enuff overlap for the time zones...just like in Sacred im sure people will find each other... half of the members here in fact are EU with about a half north american.



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