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As recommended by @Flix, I have recovered the Old Gold UI from the texture files and while at it I've taken the liberty of compiling the old screens for those who might fancy them as well. There's a certain charm to its style but I see how the art direction took a turn when Underworld came out. As the story and atmosphere of the game went dark so did the interface.


Since new characters were introduced in the expansion, the stone platforms in the character select screen are misaligned but I guess it's fine especially for those who just want to experience the nostalgia. Also, please do inform me if I swapped the Options and Load/Save backgrounds by mistake. Not sure which is which when I was renaming them. There's also a lone image of a dwarven statue amidst the screens which when cropped of borders had an exact dimension of 1024x768. Figured it could probably be a loading screen.





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Wonderful work! I was going to do this myself, very happy to see you beat me to it.  :)  I'm sure many old school players will appreciate getting to play with the classic Sacred UI.  

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Thanks! And my bad that I did it earlier. I was thinking it will be easier to finish so I did it before my other stuff. Thanks for the pitch too! and yes this one's for them :smile:

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Well done indeed Ysendra! The golden GUI will definitely add more flavor to the game.

(At least until the dark GUI is finished. HA!)

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