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16 hours ago, EMROM said:

im up to the underworld campaign, I play with the dwarf, and I got stuck in burial chamber, what I have to do to get past the guard, any side missions or so?

heh, this is a cool macabre thread... I've actually never known how hard this quest was ...and to be stuck in a burial chamber... I smell Poe... Ghastly!






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13 hours ago, Dax said:

Ah yes. You have to say some secret words or something like that, right? I never made it behind the guardian, but since quest related drops are good for nothing anyway, Id simply shrug. 

Btw, isnt this the flag of Colombia? Good Soccer team!

Greetings from Germany!

Thanks man, I'm gonna try find those words, it have to be something to do.

Man Germany soccer team is way better, I'm a fan of Bayern M actually.

Keep it up, thanks about the Intel on the mission.

Greetings from Bogota.



11 hours ago, Flix said:

Here you go:  http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/Quest-DwarvenRuinsDwarvenTreasure.html

You have to find the "Extraordinary Demon" that randomly spawns in the Dwarven Ruins.  I searched and searched on my last playthrough but could never find it.

Thanks man, I'm gonna find that lizard where ever it is, I'm a fan of dwarfs mitology and I have been trying to get in that chamber since I bought the game.

Greetings from Colombia!!

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4 hours ago, EMROM said:

Man Germany soccer team is way better, I'm a fan of Bayern M actually.

See? And I am a big fan of the South American teams. Fire heart, great fighting spirit and best crowd of the world. The only guy I dont like is Neymar. I know he is a national hero in Brazil, but he dives too often and is cry-baby too.

Stay with us EMROM, you picked the right time to be here. Big things will happen in the next weeks and months.


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Thanks man, I believe Neymar is a bby too, actually I'm glad I found this community, I had a tough time in the game with some stuff, I just posted some maps that I found a couple of years ago, it have some useful info, but it's in Spanish, so take a look and if u wanna translate something just, let me know!


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