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New Feature: The Hellfire Arena


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8 hours ago, Flix said:

Oh, you were definitely warned... sorry you had to learn the hard way.  :3lmao:


I swear that NPC wasn't there ūüėí. Well will actually help if I ever speak to NPC's xD

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9 hours ago, Flix said:

Hnngghh, they just released a patch that made all WPS skills add piercing to ranged weapons.  I hear my Purifier calling...

It is after all the greatest game of its genre.  You know, I got Crucible for free by pre-ordering the game ages ago, and I too have never fired it up.  I never did much with Shattered Realm either.  Something to look forward to...

Yep, it is. It removes passthrough on the remaining weapons that still had it and instead grants that option to WPS skills and specific weapon bonuses. I too have a Purifier, but it's actually a two-hander with Barthollem's Warmaul. :D

The greatest thing about GD is its replayability and continuous rebalancing, it breathes constant life into the game I guess. Crucible I dislike because it's just arena rush into the centre from everywhere, but I do find SR to be more interesting, especially for loot. I don't intend on pressing over shards 75-76 to be honest. But that climb and the loot runs are pretty cool, plus you get to learn a lot about your build and some enemies.

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