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Sacred 2 Diablo 2 Fallen legendary weapon visually bugged

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17 minutes ago, Blessedness said:

Hi, I've received some legendary weapons and their textures dont appear, yet im able to equip them and deal damage. I'll leave some images down below.



Is there a way to fix this or we'll have to wait for the next patch?

Thank you,


Hello and welcome to DarkMatters.  Thanks for trying the mod and writing back.

I would expect to see this if the Community Patch 1.60 was not installed.  Can you confirm you have it installed?  I'll check the game files again in the meantime.

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I disabled the Community Patch 1.60 and enabled it again, then reinstalled the D2F mod to make sure everything is correct and it got fixed. Now the textures show! Thank you so much for the fast reply and I'll be wating impatiently for the Arena patch, love your work :)


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