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300000 years old 'boomerang' found in Germany

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The oldest weapons ever found are not from the homo sapiens sapiens but from the homo heidelbergensis.

300000 years old spears aerodynamical perfect to be thrown 70metres and deadly at 20 metres.

Same age is a rotating throwing stick to hunt birds at 20-30 metres distance. However it wasn't returning.



Heidelberg had always a good university, but that it reaches 300000years back ,,, :thumbsup:

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I think for the beasts they used spears and lances which were found too. They were made from needle wood which is normally too soft for weapons. But they must have chosen the wood from places where trees grow really slow and so make a much harder wood. At the place the 'throwing stick' was found there were also bones from ducks and swans. So it was probably a weapon to hunt water birds. The picture shows a hunting in groups. My opinions is that water birds feel save in water, you can get close, and they start flying by running a bit on the water to have lift off speed. So a frontal attack with a rotating stick has a good chance too hit. If not on the water then in the start phase. So a single hunter can do the throw.




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