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Where is Your Location

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ok I have this "thing" /unsure I like to know where all the ppls I play "with" are located /woot


so here we go....


you can find me in Norway :) in a town called mo I rana

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Guest gogoblender

Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

Mostly french city, with a great mix of other peeps.

It's a european kinda city with not as much history as other older cities, but it's known as the small city with a big city feel.

I love this place




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for me, I'm live in Raleigh, NC.


Named for Sir Walter Raleigh who lost his head over this place, lol


A great city, lot's of people from all over the US migrated here for the job opportunities, like me.


The area is home to Duke, UNC and NC State, so if you like college BB, this is it, mecca for college hoops.

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Probably the least populated area of anybody one...which is ironic considering that I know two other people on this board that live about 20 minutes away...

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@The Borg entity or 1.6 km /rofl



cool to see you on the bord btw /woot /yay /oooo <--- I just love this three


oooo and /viking <---- that one naturaly :P

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And about 3 meters away from gogos... room. :P


Hey! Thats my coffee! /viking /oooo

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/woot /rofl


lol ...was kidding...about the room...


There are cockroaches on each side of the walls....


I have to spray bug control on them every morning. They are invading like crazy..


ogame central :) I love this name!! it sounds like A P O (Authorized Personnel Only) or C I A (Central Intelligence Agency) LOL


P.S. was kidding about the bugs. It is a nice room with a huge window, away from excessive sunlight :P

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I am sort of stucked near Antarctis, Scandianavia, Sweden, Stockholm, Old town, Sun Alley (56/12 lat/long) or sum


in my imagination I am Somewhere Over The Rainbow ( Perfect Destiny)

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