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Dax, here's something that should not harsh your mellow.



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2 hours ago, Dax said:

According to the media, we just escaped our own Charlie by a hair.

Please, dear chattius, link something that doesn´t darken my mood.

You know the story about Hasselhoff and OJ Simpson ? Bad Timing?

I started to write the post whenever I had a bit time two hours before the event. I wrote it because of the future concert of my daughter in France and the songs which would be done. I finished the post and noticed an hour later that police arrested some people they observed for a month. The difference is that at the shooting in Paris the terrorists attacked because they didn't like the satirical writing.

The prevented terror at Offenbach was terrorism too. But it wasn't planed as an attack against freedom of speech, thoughts, ... They just wanted to kill as many 'unbelievers' as they could. They wouldn't even care if their attack would have killed people of their own religion. So not really a prevented 'Je suis Charlie' which was an aimed attack against a newspaper,

I read my post again and I won't change anything. The concert will be still the concert, the song will be still the same.

And removing it because of some terrorists would give them a victory, a minor one, but still a vistory.

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@ chattius
Relax chattius. It was an unlucky coincidence. I´m not pointing at you.

Speaking of Mister Hasselhoff and Mister Simpson, so I remember, that one of them is
a drunkard and one is a murderer. That´s it. Oh, and both were quite famous years ago.

Speaking of terrorists, well, there´s no difference between them. It does not matter
where they come from, what they believe, or which skin color they have. It´s the same
g!rbage, that feels "choosen" to end other people´s life. For what reason ever.
It´s good that our secret service is edgy. Many innocent were saved today. That is what
counts. Now, let´s return to the music, yes?


@ Hooyaah
Oh boy. Thanks for distracting me Hooyaah! I was a bit furious maybe. Let me
answer with Amy Winehouse´s "Valery". A great song full of positive energy.

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Hasselhoff tried a comeback using his own money for a concert and planed to have it on pay per view TV. But the very same moment the concert was: nobody watched because everyone was at a channel which showed OJ fleeing from police.

Something funny, as long you are no pigeon




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Sia - Cheap Thrills, I like this song and this particular video with the various dancers is interesting to watch.



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I lvoe Sia!! Everything she does is so off angle, fresh and brilliantly talented...where she's taken choregraphy with her her work is genius...!






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1 hour ago, Hooyaah said:

Sia - Cheap Thrills, I like this song and this particular video with the various dancers is interesting to watch.

Not normally my type of music, but the video they put together (fan edit surely?) kept me watching.

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Taste Freeze

There are studies that with 33 years your musical taste is frozen - called taste freeze. And that parents of kids under 5 years suddenly listen to music kids with 5 years like....

What I noticed for myself: music is more complex now. But at the same moment easier to create. Computer based composing, synthetic music, ... The amount of real good song writers however seems to be a constant. Most real good texts are covered over and over again.  And then people say the 'new' song is better than the 'old' because more dancable or whatever.

Of cause it is easier to take an well known old one and modify it to the style which is in at the moment than writing your own song.


There are some studies about taste freeze:


But this is an english/american study where the big politics had less influence than in for example Germany. The Vietnam war was far away. There was no risk for US civilists. I was drafted into German army while the cold war was close to a real war and all the mid range rockets from France ,UK and Russia had no longer reach than Germany. Germany was divided, Bands knew that singing in German would be a small market, ...

Take for example 'Forever Young' from Alphaville. It is a song in English about young people living for the moment in the cold war in Germany. Each war, be it nuclear or coventional, would with a high probability be their end. Now 'Forever Young' is played in a way as if  people don't want to get older and staying young forever to do parties. In the original the singers want to get older, but it was not in their control if it would happen and so they were living for the moment.

And whenever I hear a new version of 'Forever Young' I say to myself: 'that's not what the song was about.'  Even it is real good done, I wouldn't call it a frozen musical taste. It is a different life experience.

And this was just one old song. When a new song is no cover I listen more open minded to it.

So what is my musical taste?

Cutting gras;  Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (since I was first forced to do cut the gras by my parents. I had it extra loud on an old  8track tape machine. Still do it sometimes now,mainly for cutting brush now)

Driving on the Autobahn: Michael Rother- Katzenmusik #5 (got used to it when driving home for  weekend at army)

Lullaby for my kids,now Granddaughter: Brahm's Lullaby (Grandma's, ma, wife, me, daughter - it is a classic even my voice can sing without making the little ones cry)

Working with explosives: Smetana- Die Moldau (my favourite background music as a student when concentrating to do maths, kept it for these have to concentrate moments)

My wife singing it when informing me that she was pregnant and often now when we are alone: Lucilectric - Mädchen

When remembering my dad who was playing guitar and singing it when leaving for work in other countries: Hannes Vader - Heute hier, morgen dort


The list is endless and covers all music styles.








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Sunday is people's day of mourning in Germany. So after work we will decorate the graves of my dad, grandparents...

So I am currently sentimental and listen to Hannes Wader: Heute hier, morgen da.

My dad could sing and play it on guitar close to the original. He was installing big machines all over the world and was singing it when he was leaving. At the 'hope you are remembering me' he allways had a little smile in his face. Speaking about original:

Gary Bolstad was studying in Germany for a while and performed 'Indian Summer'. Wader met him and was allowed for a German version. Bolstad liked the text of the German version and asked Wader if he could sing an English version (Day to Day, Town to Town) of the German text to his original melody...

So here is Wader singing the english version. I know the text and I often find me singing it silently while listening.



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I grew up before internet and I had to use my tape machine to record music for my 4 years older sister or for my 2 years younger brother, or the 4 year syounger sister.. Guess what, there was only one hitparade for young people if they were 8 or 16. Now you are no longer forced to record songs from the radio. You have youtube, smartphones to exchange what you like with your friends.

I think it is a difference if you grow up in town or countryside. In towns you hang up with kids which are more or less the same age and share the same taste. In a village with 120 people? Okay I add the neighbour villages and we have 1900. But the problem is the same: few people of your age. So a youth party in a village has a wide span in age than a party in town.

Or even more wider span in age: a weekend in the year each village here has a Kirmes. Like an Oktoberfest in miniature. Where people from the area come together. From newborn to 80 years old...

So the music is more or less a compromise. Folk and brass music meets rock...


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I like this music, but it's the video that really makes it work for me. The animations are excellent and the characters are convincing as well. It was created as a promotion for Smite, To Hell and Back, a game for Xbox. Give it a listen!




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Actually, I like both moods. There is an appropriate place in time for each to fit with precision as to have maximum effect. I enjoyed your selections, Dax. Thank you.

Here's a softer tone that you may enjoy!




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How strange, your post doesn´t show up in the list as latest post, Hooyaah. Ah, well.

Here. I got some tracks with lots of positive energy for you:


Joan Jett: "Bad Reputation"


Florence and the Machine: "Cosmic Love"


Iron & Wine: "Boy with a coin"


Emiliana Torrini



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My oldest sister had birthday and it was one of the days our old family combo could perform again. I played bass guitar not tuba ;)

Since it was her birthday she could decide on the music. She said remember 1985 when I got house arrest for travelling to denmark to a concert without asking? I said: 'Yes I can, But no to what you plan.'

So my big and serious sister did a Nina Hagen cover and my little brother the lead guitar ( he played in a punk band actually).

Roskilde 1985

Nina Hagen, mother of punk, was born 40 years to early on the wrong side of the iron curtain. She could do thinks with her face and her voice which you can't say, you have to see live. Punk, gospel, rock, fold, opera ... she could do all.




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Wa..? Nina Hagen:) chattius, I always liked you, but now you´re going in hard!

Does someone know Jesper Kyd? He´s the guy who composed the soundtracks for the "Hitman" games. A talented man. Both playlists are worth

a look:






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Variatio delectat ...

She was and is an enfant terrible. And she is one of the few who don't sing what they are dictated but what she wants to sing. She has fun singing after all the decades.

I wouldn't listen to Nina 24/7. But if I would come to hell and the devil would force me  to listen to a single singer every minute for the rest of my eternal life?  She would be a favorite. Nobody can deny that she has one of the best voices, biggest repertoire,... And how she transforms her face while singing: Jim Carrey blushes.

Beachboys Good Vibrations, Nina sung it, Christmas songs, Nina sung them, Rammstein, Nina can interpret their songs in a different way ... Wouldn't be boring in hell ;)




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On 11/24/2019 at 6:04 PM, Dax said:


Hehe. The makers of Smite "To Hell and Back" watched "Kick-Ass" obviously. Both vids are quite similiar.


But I prefer calmer themes. Cat Power "I found a reason"


I love the Kickass Movies...

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Here´s another calm and soothing theme:


(Lianne La Havas/"Twice" cover)


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Faun is a good group. I use some of their music in the Music Mod for Sacred 2.  Good fantasy feeling.

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One of my recent favorites by Faun is Walpurgisnacht.  I would post it here but it's got naked ladies in it.

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I hope it is your favourite because of the music and not the ladies ;)

Just take the one with lyrics and english translation.

Walburgisnacht is the night from 30April to 1st of May. There are still many old traditions around: The youth of a village chops a tree and place it on the central place. They have to guard it because the neightbour village will try to make it fall. So there is a big fire around the tree. A couple in love jumps hand in hand over the fire. Some people make chalk lines from the house of a boy to the house of a girl. For the older people we at firefighters we do a dancing event, Tanz in den Mai, dance into the may, ...

I guess every german band doing medieval music has a song called Walburgisnacht, be it their own one or a cover.




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