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Fellowship of Dark Matters: Sponsored Games Permissions Status

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

Almost a year here at DarkMatters, and I first wanted to say thank you to everyone that posts and plays with us for your incredible support.

Of course, after much time and playing, it becomes necessary to study the areas that we've been successul in and the ones we haven't.


Permissions have recently become a much-talked-about area of concern with so many people changing clan allegiances and therefore affecting the balance of members on the site.

After much deliberation of the permissions regarding members and all of the many different areas of Dark Matters, we have elected fo rebuild the meaning of forum groups status solely as a genuine reflection of commitment to D.a.r.k. and specifically chosen D.a.r.k. sponsored games.


Felllowship status will now be solely conferred to players commiting to any sponsored D.a.r.k. clan and unique to each game they choose to play within the community.

As a community of more than 50 active players in four officially sponsored games, the admin challenge regarding permissions has spiralled out of control and has become rather untenable if not almost unfair to manage.


The attempt to run a progressive site with clans sharing one central posting area has become difficult with competing interests of so many people playing so many games, and all of them with real lives to balance.

As the number of people in each clan increase and the number of times that people change clans increase, the frustrations, worries and workload increase for all of the admin team.

Fellowship permissions will now reflect a genuine interest and commitment to Clan D.a.r.k only, as well as posting at the forum and communications with the Team Captain.


This means that if you are playing two games with D.a.r.k. and one of the games you are playing is with any other clan other than D.a.r.k. , your permission will allow you to only see into the section of D.a.r.k. internal that you play with D.a.r.k. for.

And like other gaming clans, D.a.r.k. will now reflect a more traditional approach to it's community building and allegiance regarding a particular game.

Not playing in a game for a considered amount of time will have Fellowship status changed to a member.


As mentioned earlier, we are transforming our internal area to be a more honest and genuine reflection of gaming interests devoted to D.a.r.k. clan.

Our documented history has been one of constant change, innovation and an attempt to retain inclusiveness regarding the effort set in attaining a balance with numerous members from so many different clans.

With the recent failure of different clans sharing an internal section, we have now opted to re-construct ourselves with the more classical clan forum setup.

Meaning that only D.a.r.k. can see internal, while other members can share our extensive external Key Largo sections.


Fellowship is not anymore (as it used to be) a reflection of loyalty to the darkmatters site or long term friendships with people on the clan.

Fellowship is now simply and, much more pragmatically, a reflection of those interested in playing with D.a.r.k in one of it's sponsored games.

We will continue to offer all of the services now offered solely to all D.a.r.k members, e.g. clan sigs, secured clan battle forums, game goals, espionnage reports etc.

We'd also like to think that this forum and all of it's supported services are one of the benefits of playing with Clan D.a.r.k. and will attempt to only improve upon them as we become better at understanding the needs of Clan D.a.r.k. players.


For special allied members we have the power to create an unlimited number of "special secured" forums. And much like the way in which the d4ha was so successful in it's inception and execution, we hope that this gesture on our parts to fuel more gaming interaction between allied members of other clans in so many different games meets with success.

This is a new understanding of the gaming community at DarkMatters.

It was one that had to be reached with the recent inability to balance other clans here, internally, with the limited adminning time of the volunteers who run this site.

It is one, we hope, that will be more reasonable in terms of community needs to all of the staff at Darkmatters.


Once again, we'd like to thank everyone for your continued posting to the gaming site of DarkMatters.

And do hope that you will understand the changes that have come to be implemented regarding gaming with a D.a.r.k. clan sponsored by DarkMatters.

A huge thank you to all of the many, many members that have made the D.a.r.k. community so successful in its sponsored games.

The support, loyalty and allegiance since we've started is something we've all come to treasure and look forward to carrying with us into the second year of this site.






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It has really been a long week with everything that has happened with regards to the permissions. Administratively it really becomes quite an undertaking. What I think we hope to achieve here is a sharper board. This is nothing to do with what we feel about the people here who are our freinds but who don't play any D.a.r.k sponsored games this is about creating a space that is for everyone yet the gaming areas are only for D.a.r.k sponsored players. This is what the board was untimately set up for and I think along the way this became blurred.


As gogo said there are still loads of areas that we hope everyone will use...and unlike a lot of other Gaming forums we have been and are always willing to look at setting up secure posting areas for our close allies. This I think is something pretty unique to D.a.r.k Matters.


Everyone here is a valued member of our community and I hope you will all continue to enjoy being here and understand the reasons we have made these changes.




Claire :)

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