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DarkMatters - Member Picture Thread

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

Hey guys!

Heh, this worked out well in the SIF and it's always tons of fun seein what everyone loox like...I got my camera workin this christmas so here's me at my computer sportin a new shirt my mom got me



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Guest gogoblender

k...you guys of spawn seriously rock,

lol, yer clan has more pix up than d.a.r.k!


*glares @ d.a.r.k clan*


The pix are great,


You guys look great...lol, well...those whose faces that we can see :P


Glad you guys are all here.




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Figured I would post some pics here for the peeps who knows me... :P


Here is a "normal" picture of me...



and now for something completely evil looking... http://wowfaces.revok.net/displayimage.php...um=88&pos=3


This silly picture should hopefully make ya laugh... http://wowfaces.revok.net/displayimage.php...m=88&pos=14


and I must say... *purrs at Claire* if the lovely voice wasnt enough, the picture to go with it makes me... feel all warm and fuzzy :wub:

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Uhm, untill I find the time to get a newer and more revealing piccie of me, this 8 month old picture will just have to do it. :P



P.s. 'tis me after washing my hair.


P.s.2 ZOMG! Claire! :)

I always knew you were a sweetie. :blush:

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ME EDIT: YAH, I knew I did not have much brain, but this is embarrising, maybe delete this post is better... I really messed up soemthing LOL



Ok,I think some has seen pooracid.. and the place she lives..well here she is again..

initally married to a demanding successful brainsurgeon, ended with divorce, of course .. what else


Bored & stressed = bad combination..


Stockholm, Old Town..




and the kids nowdays 13 & 16 yo




adn here she is on duty..right now do her own science or at least try to :(



Hi PureAcid I am going to try move this to the Members Picture Thread I hope you don't mind ...and Great Pics beautiful Lady and kids :)

Edited by Katran
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Guest gogoblender

hk, you big cheater you!




lol, I'm gonna stick up a pic of you that we'll take when yer not lookin, hahahah!






p.s. ...sorry guys but I'm putting the mod hat on as rare as that is...how bout we keep this thread as much as possible to pics and cool comments about other peep's pics...and only if we try hard to put one up ourselves okay? It takes courage to post here, so let's applaud the efforts of eveyone that's done it and post some of our own too! :P

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