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DarkMatters - Member Picture Thread

Guest gogoblender

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Hehe, well at the very least it does garner me some attention. I think the look actually works fairly well for me. :P Oh and should anyone need target practice I've thrown together a nice board. :)




Ah that's a new one Genenut. Was once thought of as looking like Edward Norton. Now if I could just land those acting roles. :P


rofl Tomi. omg! :P *runs to nearest mirror*

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Actually have either of you seen the short run series Crusade , it was a spin off from Babylon5 ? Galen the techomage was played by peter who is Edward Woodwards son (the equalizer). So it kinda fits for Schot our resident D.a.r.k. techo mage ...


he was also in the mel gibson film about the revolution and was the guard at the palace in national treasure 2.


This pic is from his site , you can see the similarities



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-_______- c'mon tomi :P I did it, now u should :)


PS: yesh schot I edited the gun in my hand away... and the reward underneath it :P

I did ages ago, thats another reason you should



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You know angering or teasing techomages is never a good idea knuckles ....


Babylon 5 was the first thing that came to mind for me as well. :)

Got to love the concept of a Technomage and his acting of the role just great! :P

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figured I might as well post some images here as I just saw the thread.


first is a picture of me and daughter, teaching her about ogame. something like 3.5months old. caption should be along the lines of "daddy, stop crashing noobs, I can't watch it anymore"





might as well toss in a couple of new cat twitch learning ogame. first is relaxing on couch, second is her standing on my keyboard somewhere, lets just say I used wireless...





had noticed anyone elses vehicles, here is my ~700hp dodge truck. not much for redneck kind of things either. talk about road rage, when not in the shop is hunting chevy and ford diesels, will get it on a dyno early next month. picture in front yard of my 6+ acres.




to further the redneck cause, her is a picture from hunting in 2004. took some girl out on a first date hunting, shot this 24in mulie on the way into my planned spot. 75yds, 300wsm, you can do the math :)



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lol, TRD it looks like your family ( cat and kid) know exactly when you're weakest and love to snuggle up to you when you're at your comp ^^ I've often asked myself why this happens and... don't they just have the best timing?


Your daughter's growing awfully fast, \she's already co-piloting with you on ogame missions? ^^


Great pics Trd, thanks for sharing





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Well, everyone seems to be having such fun so I decided to update my pics.


A recent trip to San Diego.......




The wife and her sister......



We know this guy who comes up with sadistic games for us to play. Here I am, about to be tortured and embarrassed for the amusement of the congregation. So hard to get me to part with my shades: +7 charisma....PICT0067.jpg

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whew lookin great evryone :)

what a great family TRD including the dodge


and Sil that looks like a nice trip :)


and T.T u look great for sure ;) you dont look odd :)

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hey lookin grerat den! lol what a job u got


I'm a client advisor and business administrator at the Swedish Post!


that last one looks like you was training kung-fu or something


I'm not sure what I'm doing. Could be kung-fu :)

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Hahaha erling...you won't see any pictures of me ever!


lol I mean I tried to make pictures but the buttery went dead. lol someone up there doesn't want me to post them...who knows why :P

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