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DarkMatters - Member Picture Thread

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Other pics of me: I like this..but I feel naked without red lipstick

Some of my family today getting packed up and ready to move and for vacation (My cousin tony in the back) ...I'll just sit here and eat Lasagne       gogo

Here I am!

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You're right soldats. This is probably the best thread on this site. It's where everyone comes to life and says hi with real life smiles. I've seen this kind of topic run in other forums, and am just grateful ours here has been so successful.


Thanks everyone for posting whatcha got and adding that extra bit of heart to DarkMatters






p.s. Ari, just saw the pix...you look so... so happy! :cry: Send some of that wuv back here email! :D

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Only on the forum since a couple of days but decided to post one of my pics, sorry for the quality was taken with the nintendo dsi of my wife.





and some pics of my doggy Urza (reason of my avatar)


ps: he's smiling when showing his teeth :D










By the way very nice indeed that so many people post their pics, many forums I know and especially game forums dont have many people posting pics.

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Im Making A Request:


Pic Of Gogo WIth His Crazy Hair.


Pic Of Silearth.


Pic Of Erling.






:) wut is this? kinda noticed a little late.. you even made the request on my birthday :D


I'll concider it -.-

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Ahh, Frederick, great seeing a face to the name. Glad you found this little thread, it's one of my favorites on this site. Maybe your courage will inspire a few more of our members to post their pix too!





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Well I will post a few of me. I am 32 sorry I might seem alittle young



Just the finger for fun......:)



Here is a little ink work I did on myself


The Moon



The Sun





I am new and I think there is no better way to say hello to everyone...........

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I've got longer hair, guys, that is weird. Also I remember a few months ago I could not imagine my skin more pale, well, I was wrong.

The one from my avatar: in November I bought a mandolin and I'm trying to tame it.

And this is one of my viking dresses that I made by myself.



th_IMG_0428.jpg th_IMG_0319.jpg th_IMG_0316.jpg

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