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Ok... so I am doing a grav attempt out in gal 8. Llama8 very kindly sent me a whole pile of crystal and deut in a trade today. I have never been probed out there, so I thought it would be safe for a few hours until I could get cargos there. I was wrong...


I just logged on to see two fleets 10 minutes away, coming to steal the res. I managed to hide some in research, but the little *mutter mutter* still got heaps of it.


Normally I don't care if I get attacked, but this time I do and I want revenge!!


The players name is "rises", he is in FR and ranked 334.

He attacked me from 8:304:9 (he has two colonies and a moon in that system)

His main is at 1:194:6, where he appears to have just done a moonshot (moonshot sized debris field there).


Anybody up for a little revenge?


Below is what he stole grrrrrrrrrr :4rofl:


The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

127074 metal, 976895 crystal, and 392422 deuterium


The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

63537 metal, 488448 crystal, and 196206 deuterium

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Guest gogoblender

Ahh, Ari, I'm so sorry fer the loss

I'm probing him as we speak to see what he's got and even if I can bring a fleet in but I'm kinda far away





p.s. just got the spy report back


02-02 00:56:48 Fleet command Espionage Report of Wolf Dogs Rule [8:304:9]


Resources on Wolf Dogs Rule [8:304:9] at 02-02 00:56:48

Metal: 227030 Crystal: 3718

Deuterium: 117050 Energy: 32620


Large Cargo 11 Light Fighter 79

Espionage Probe 8 Solar Satellite 844


Rocket Launcher 356 Light Laser 31

Plasma Turret 1 Anti-Ballistic Missiles 27

Interplanetary Missiles 13

Chance of counter-espionage:56%

02-02 00:56:46 Fleet command Espionage Report of Wolf Dog [8:304:7]


Resources on Wolf Dog [8:304:7] at 02-02 00:56:46

Metal: 66498 Crystal: 38455

Deuterium: 14113 Energy: 6024


Large Cargo 10


Rocket Launcher 33

Chance of counter-espionage:5%


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OOoooooh thanx everyone... methinks she will regret farming me :D


It would appear that I have her main in gal 1 under phalanx....


Currently she has:


Large Cargo 60

Light Fighter 23

Cruiser 6

Battleship 5

Recycler 46

Espionage Probe 35

Bomber 4

Destroyer 1

Battlecruiser 2


on a transport mission...


Oh I wish I had a fleet! :4rofl:


edit: her techs are 13/12/14

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This one was very profitable:




He captured

123731 metal, 8665 crystal, and 61071 deuterium



The attacker lost a total of 0 units.

The defender lost a total of 3082000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 105300 metal and 557100 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 6 %


Your 50 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 1000000. At the target, 105300 metal and 560100 crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 105300 metal and 560100 crystal.


bye bye sats :D


Go and get the other planets!

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If you can get a sense of her online times (and I'll determine if that other moon has a jumpgate, the one in 8 does) I'll see if I can make a RIP attack on the moon. 3 RIPs sims out to a high draw chance, but would be effective, I think :D


It will take me 8.5hr to attack from 8:302 - 8:304.


EDIT: Both moons are jumpgated, though the moon in 2 had no fleet on it when I scanned.

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Got a message from Rises a bit ago:


02-02 18:05:27 rises [1:194:6] no subjectanswer

are you not being just a tad bit riduculus with all this scanning. anyone else who left resources sitting around with no defenses andno fleet would be a target.. you yourself would not hesitate to hit that kind of situation.. so whats the big deal. teach him to not leave res sitting around. and I did not get his message till after the hits. I was awk.. still and all.. don't make this more than what it was. a hit for profit and profit only


My reply:

Nah, nothing out of proportion... just getting a sense of your capabilities.


Yeah, hit for profit's sake, I certainly can't blame you for the hit, it was profitable. That's how the game works. But at the same time, one must support one's friends, ya know?


I don't want this to come off as a threat, but it would be cool if you left her colony alone. We've no gripe with FR and don't seek any kind of feud.

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Guest gogoblender

wo hoooooooooooo

lol, poor guy...all his colonies sufferin under a barrage of probes...

Anyway...this game, like life is all about repercussions. Nothing is ever as small and simple as we think it is. Nothing is so convenient to compartmentalize.

It's easy for him to think that his concetualization of finding progress from the profitability of the strike against Ari is "profitable"'

HOwever...all that he is currently undergoing is a part of what he reaped.

So now, mister Rises....

how profitable was it?


Fantastic hit yaga







p.s. him touching the rez of someone who's connected...ahhh...now THATS'S contentious...would anyone go and steal tomatoes from the godfather's garden?


repercussions and connections

it's that simple


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Well, I've had a bit of a PM discussion with rises and I think we may have come to an understanding... Though we could probably crush them (looking at player ranking, I think rises is the 2nd highest ranked in their alliance at 330-something and their highest at ~61) if it came down to conflict, I like to avoid it, and my primary motivation is to ensure Ari's completion of graviton research in safety. To that end, she's agreed to cease probing (and I would imagine, subsequently attacking) Ari and I've offered that we, likewise would cease our probes.


If this isn't cool, let me know. I just think that security is more important than revenge... at least until Ari has her graviton. (I've dealt with an FR member before and they seemed cool enough).

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You guys are all so amazing! :blush:


When it comes down to it, all I really want is to finish grav safely, so if rises has promised not to probe again, then that is good enough for me. If she, however, even thinks about me then I will declare war on her :evil:




I am so happy to have such wonderful backup from you all and I want to thank every single one of you for your support etc.


:D :D :BlobRed: I LOVE YOU GUYS :BlobRed::woot::BlobRed:

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Guest gogoblender

I promise not to probe anymore


:D ...

... :woot:






Ari, Ankh is great with the peace


and yaga, is great with the fleet




sounds like a masterfully played happy ending...


who wants a popsicle?





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