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Sacred Underworld - How to activate Dryad Forest Portal?

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Hi everyone

I tried to activate the portal in the Dryad Forest (near the combo master and salesman), but it doesn't activate.

It's my first time running underground and I don't know all the portals.

Is there any reason why it would not activate? I don't think I have found or activated any other portals.



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For those who find this... Sacred Underground portals looks different from normal Ancaria Sacred ones—they are slabs with the logo on it. Portals that looks like the normal portals are not portals.

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Heya Zettt!  I'm having trouble zeroing in on the area you're talking about.  Can you tell us where abouts on the map it is?


The only thing I can see in Dryad Forest is a cave near the combo master and merchant.  Is there a portal in that cave?  I can't remember...

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2 hours ago, Thorin Oakshield said:

The Underworld portals are shown as the RED circles at the map.

The cave close to that merchant and combo master is where you enter the Dryad forest when running that campaign.


For the Dryad forest it's close behind the Dryad village of Esotopia, a bit out of the way for those who only want to do the Underworld campaign, but easy to find for those who like to explore. :D


Edit: There isn't a portal in the cave.



Thorin :) 


4 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Its a good question.. is the portal actually showing up on the map that can help you?




Hey guys

My second post was supposed to say that I figured out only later that the portals are the slab ones.

There is in fact a FAKE portal close to the merchant and combo master (to the right) and then further to the right is the actual portal!

Took me a while to figure this out.


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