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The FX of Gust of Wind is partly missing when mounted


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This bug causes some annoyed visual glitches.

Here is the fix.


open "spell.txt"


mgr.defineSpell( "dm_co_windstoss", {
    eiStateName = "cSpellCast",
    fxTypeCast = "FX_DM_WINDSTOSS_C",
    fxTypeSpell = "FX_DM_WINDSTOSS",
                                                                ---missing:    fxTypeCastSpecial = "FX_DM_WINDSTOSS_C"
    duration = 0.000000,
    animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM06",
    animTypeApproach = "",
    animTypeRide = "",
    animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM06-SPECIAL",




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2 hours ago, Huntiro said:

This bug causes some annoyed visual glitches.

Indeed. Quite a few other spells that make good use of the fxTypeCast used as fxTypeCastSpecial. Unfortunately, many don't, due to spell effect fx bone position.

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