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Step up fer yer Internet Speed Test

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Did I read it right dicknail? MIT!!


I'm going to direct you to the Alma Mater thread right now!




I have never seen the MIT campus actually. Is it ugly? :bow:


Well no debate on the quality, but say Cal Tech, the campus is so beat up that the public college next to it looks better lol. So I wonder if all Tech schools are like that. :oooo:

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somehow my connection seems to be slow after seen how fast your connections are 0_o


but here's mine






basicly it works at same speed all over the europe servers.


This was just so funny.. piece of information is transfered to other side of the world in a few seconds. It's amazing when you start to think of it.


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I finally got a new connection. :( It's more than twice as fast, and hopefully much more stable. I've been struggling with stability problems on my old connection for months now.



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With my new connection :



and my ISP offers a faster level of connection above what I have...

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