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Good Bye Guild Wars

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

ahhh, I'm almost crying over this.

It really is one of the most beautiful games I'ver ever seen and it's mechanics and all are unbelievably well-wrought.

Alas, I just don't have as much time to hit the servers anymore and with schot and eveyrone else now super busy with projects here at the forum with our new FDM web site for here and everything else we want to do with Sacred 2 we're begining to notice that all of our past time for GW is slowly changing.

So...a sad adieu and farewell to so much BUT...even if GW isn't an official sponsored game here at FDM anymore, it's not to say to all of the so many friends that we met online that we won't come and see you there again.

Stargazer, you, your husband and family were true online gems and we hope that one day if/when your interests change and you want to hook up with something else, rest assured we will hold places for you and your family here at the FDM.

Thank you GW

Thank you everyone else here who helped with the builds and everything.

We'll see you on those servers again soon...

one day





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If you read about guild wars 2 they sold its soul..

It should be named World Of Warcraft: The Guild Wars or Word Of Guild Wars..

adieu Guild Wars, its been fun



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It is sad :thumbsup: to see you go GoGo you and Schots will be missed. We had many fun hours adventuring together and I still have hopes to see you in occasionally. I guess I need to dust of my copy of Sacred and begin again on it....LOL. I WILL run into again somewhere someday.... and that is a promise or threat however you choose to read it...lol. Till then :drunkards:


Guild Wars IGN: Raevenn Moonstarre

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Beloved Stargazer we are never leaving you guys!

lol, we'll come visit on weekends I promise and...yeah, if you guys dust off those sacred cases me and friends are in the servers a lot these days.

We will all again play together!




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  • 4 weeks later...

You guys got me all excited about this game and was actually going to get it today since these were the last posts. Now I realize you all left and there is no point. May I ask why you all left? Was it over who produced the game or something cause I am confused.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I'll probably start playing again soon..

and griever its coz you have to take a break every now and then..

(I also think GW sold its soul in GW2)



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