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Forum Member Registration and Potential Clan Applicant Trick Questionnaire, Yes, these questions are very tricky

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We'd like to first offer a friendly welcome to all new FDM forum member registrants and potential Clan D.a.r.k. Applicants.

All of the following questions must be answered fully and honestly when registering as a member of The Fellowship of DarkMatters Forum unless specified otherwise.

If you are applying for Clan status with any FDM clan in a sponsored game your profile, which contains these questions upon your registration at our forum, will be looked over as partial consideration regarding candidacy for your clan status.

  1. Favorite pizza topping
  2. Favorite Drink
  3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?
  4. Most favorite book ever
  5. Favorite movie of all time.
  6. Current Favorite Game?
  7. All time best video game ever played
  8. Favorite sport or hobby?
  9. What do you want for your birthday?
  10. Do you know anyone from our forum?
  11. Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?
  12. If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?
    (This question need only be answered if applying for Fellowship/Clan status for a sponsored game).

Have fun and welcome to The Fellowship of DarkMatters.



FDM Team

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