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Time To Play, now is the time: Sacred Hardcore servers

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Event is startin in 1.5 hours...grid up and get ready everyone!!






p.s. Sylph, I'm finishing up on some work here, I'll see if I can get on earlier. Cheers! :4rofl:

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I have sneaked in and took this screenie, the event has started!


Thought I would mule some starter sets for a BM, but no one is playing one. Have fun all.


(Now I'm going to start my late night work session, they don't pay me enough :4rofl:)



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Doh! hahaha. I went on to meet up with yah omgstuff but after searching the servers a bit I realized that server 0724 doesn't exist?! In hardcore. :bow: So I guess you've opted to take Sylph's sound advice on doing your training in Softcore. Not a bad thing at all. I created a softcore character just to see if I could find server 0724 but alas I did not find you. Such is the way of gaming. I'll catch you another time.


Hope you had fun and met your goal. I'll pop in to see you another time. But as soon as you're ready hop on over to hardcore. We're all waiting for you over there! :D

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I'll be in gold in 2 hours, doing shopping for my BM who has found some good stuff ;) After that, depending on whether I see some familiar faces or not, I might hit silver with my kamikaze daemon.

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As soon as today's server reset is done, I'll be back in Bronze with my Daemon rebuild. She's currently level 11, and I've made one new friend along the way who just started Hardcore!

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It is the time to come back in Sacred a show you're guys how to level up a Char on 216 in a few Days :angry:


But im from german so I mean we cant play together......


Watch in you're setting.cfg there stand a ascaron server IP give it to me I will try to come with my chars :)


Rumkugel is back on the Ladder Place 80 * muhahaha * :P


A old man like me and a funny Game crashed together ;)

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