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They Call Me the Tentacle (Ebolts and Tentacle Build Discussion)

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Those were the days... :)

Hoping for that too. The feeling of total massacre. :huh:

*slightly off* Guess I'd give the ols Sacred some love if only I could get a high res support or something. Dunno if it's possible... Doesn't look too good in my 24" flat...*end of off

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There's really been nothing like this ever in a video game. The gore wave was like a massive environment-changing movement...everything on the screen would become gristle and muscle. And you could see the gore wave move outwards in the direction it moved in.


I know that the devs of Sacred 2 did a complete rethinkabout to reduce lag...but in that process they had lost one of the best effects ever created in a video game... a vector of change that would move forward across the screen completely changing everything in it's path and letting it stay there for a few seconds.


Temple Guardian's Combat arts "sprout" red pimples across the landscape, winter is not too bad... but these are all "sprouts" not true "waves" that move across the screen ... real kinetic impact.


It's the feel we get when we see building implode or explode when dynamiters are working. And this feeling of being able to change, not only the life status of enemies but, as well, the environment is godly.





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On 4/22/2007 at 11:15 AM, gogoblender said:

The Following Link Contains an immense amount of blood and gore.

You Have been Warned



One Explosion

A whole lotta blood

Charged Bolts and Tentacles

We make goblins go boom






you need waaay more than a can of beans to get an explosion this big






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5 hours ago, xInquisitor1961x said:

Is that split = 100% ? LOL

lol... split?? noooooo...that would MELT anything that wasnt a quantum computer... I actually never thought of using that, but...  ebolts and tentacles, though pretty spectactular  combo lagged everyone out all the way to the out rims of galaxy



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