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>_> Worth getting suspended?

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ok, at my collage some weird guy was holding up a sign, I just thought he was protestin about something so I walked by and focused more on the lovely lady next too me :D


anyways bout half an hour after me and teh gf get outta our class we see this huge crowd and lots of people yelling, well we went over and looked, it was a guy holding up the most retarded sign that said "Mouthy wemon girly men all other religions then Christians shall burn in hell forever with satins porker up your ass" now as soon as me and Tina walk within veiw of the guy too read the sign he points at tina and starts throwing asian racial slurs/sexist comments at her so of course first thing I do is reach back and nock his ulgy ass face in first second I do everyones clapping then 1 guy come outta the crowd and puts his arm around my neck and starts trying too choke me as soon as I get my footing back I elbow the guy in the stomach nock him on the ground and right as I do the campus security tackles me


I get took down too administration where they tell me iam suspended for 2 weeks and iam on campus probation ;_; I tryed too expaline my position too them but they completely cut me off and said "We know what we saw" at which point I did something that did not help at all I yelling "NO YOU DONT YOUR IDIOT CAMPUS RENT A DORKS CAME IN RIGHT AFTER IT ALL HAPPEND DUMB ASS" >_< At which point I got suspended for the entire semester, iam not allowed too come back till winter :[


but was the general reason why I did it a worthy reason too get suspended? O_o ive been arguing it with friends and EXPCIALLY my parents :f

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Well I believe sticking for the things you believe in is the right thing to do, especially if that means sticking up for the ones you care for. (in this case your gf)


Morally speaking you did the right thing as that guy had no right to insult others in public and deserved the beating.


On the other hand unfortunately the place where this took place was unfavourable for you as educational facilities tend to address any form of violence harshly. On the topic of suspension I'll start with the one for the insult as it's easier to comment on. Basically the administration's skills at handling relationships with students were slacking. In cases like this it's understandable for one to lose temper and say harsh words and the administration should have undertood that and tried to calm you down before giving such a harsh punishment.


As for the initial 2 week suspension the way they took the decision was also flawed. They just narrowed the situation to what they saw instead of taking an impartial position and asking witnesess about what happened as I doubt the fact that they saw all the details of the event.


Personally I think that the reason was important enough to risk getting suspended and that you shouldn't feel ashamed of what you've done, but instead feel proud for defending your gf. Remember the correct path, no matter how moral it may be, isn't always without downsides.


I don't know if there's any way to appeal to the administration to change their decission or at least reduce the punishment, but if there is it's worth a shot.

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If my gf got hurt verbally I'd probably just talk back instead of inciting physical violence. In your case, you might be too emotional or too in your zone to control thyself


When a problem such as this arises, the first thing to do is to write down all the witnesses surrounding this incident. File a complaint to college authorities and police and let the latters deal with it since you and your gf suffered psychological consequences (you acted out on rage).


I do not know where you are from but racial slurs are NOT taken very lightly especially in Montreal, a metropolitan city full of immigrants. There was a case when two pakistanese were brutally attacked by caucasians in Angrignon Park while they were having a picnic, and there are cases where the white pride group from Vancouver, the "thors" inciting white pride in montreal at a summer concert at Ile Sainte Helene. Finally, there are even cases when citizens of color got rejected from a residential area or a job because some people are plain racists. Some legal officers such as the police often do racial profiling and other forms of discrimination to check on or arrest "suspicious colored" people, especially at metro stops....


So yeah, if that guy were in Montreal, he will definitely be gutted out by local lawyers and officials defending the rights of the people and you would not even need to lift a finger! For instance Dr. Mailloux, a "psychologist" was sued by local lawyers for telling people over the radio that black men are born stupid, and later so do women.



About your suspension:

I do not know whether you can file an appeal or whether you have a student/college run legal council that deal with this problem. But if you do not, then your school is probably highly suspicious and non democratic. In that case, I suggest that you go to your local lawyers and publicize the incident to the media.




(If I know this much about racism, then you can imagine how racially polarized the city is :P)

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You have to be smart. You can fight back and defend your gf, sure.


But in the room full of professor type, you be remorse. "I'm sorry, that was a heat of passion" "I was piffed off and it won't happen again" "oh I regret that action now", whatever.


They have to keep order, and the two weeks is not aimed at you but at public order. These won't even get on the transcript I bet. They might be with you in their heart, but you bet they won't say that to you when you are uncontrollable.


Do the right thing and the smart thing. :P


Don't fight it anymore. Make an appointment with that same council or principle and be civilized, just talk to them and play it just an obedient student, they have no reason not to lower the punishment. At least make sure that you won't get a nasty mark on your transcript.

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Well you know what I'd say Athrin. Kick his ass!



Myles is right though, you need to play it smart. Kick his ass then play all apologetic to the school people.


You do have the moral highground here, so I say you should at least try appealing the suspension. Or failing that, use your extended holiday to crush Psycho and WC's in ogame :D

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if you live in the US, it is justifiable. You just have to explain your fear of you and your gf's safety because of the racial slurs. There have been a few cases where racial bigotry towards someone with verbal insults/threats was justifiable to physically defend yourself.

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Okay, I am going into this very objective.


First, that guy with the sign shouldn't make remarks like that, those are the people that I would send "down"

It was wrong of you to smack him down though, no matter what violence is never an answer, althought hat may sound clichéd, it is true.

I don't know what all the people around you were talking about so I cant justify that.


But, my intake on this is wrong, since that wasn't what you asked, just gigving my opinion though.

anyhow, on with the rest.


I don't think it was just that they suspended you, as other may have said ( I did not read anything to keep my opinion pure).

It was completely wrong of them to do what they did, they need to clarify things first, know what happened, ask other people, injustice like this gets me annoyed quickly and I lose my temper everytime I read something like this, it's a complete shame to the leaderboard of your campus, if you give me a PM with some adresses and so on I'm going to send them a mail, or better yet, let the Campus people read this topic, I do hope that you can do anything about it, or if you can't, your parents may help you.


Never throw in mindless acting, since it will be punished, although this was a stonesthrow to far...




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I'm new here, but I read this in passing and can't hold back. I'm not a lawyer... But my advice is (and it is up to you to listen to it, and/or ignore it):


You get points from explaining things objectively. Big points... and this shows that you can *think* about what happened...rather than let your reptile (emotional) brain handle the whole situation.


1) Slurs: bad (this you can action in court)

2) throwing the first punch: very bad (you're guilty of assault in Canada--this leaves you open to charges from the protester)

--I sure hope someone has a picture of the sign and the guy in question. And I hope you got witnesses or can get them.

3) The unknown man who choked you could've been a supporter of non-violence (not the slur-guy's friend). We don't know from your description if it was another protester of the same stripe (ie an attack) or someone trying to keep order. Or even an employee of university/college.

4) Campus security tackles you as you subdue (violently) the guy.

5) Hopefully you didn't resist them. Yes they are wanna-be cops... but their job is to intervene in these kinds of situations. If they mistreated you, you might have a case against the college and/or them personally.

6) I recommend you write a letter, detailing your position. Back this letter up with any evidence you can find: photos, eye witness accounts (preferably from college staff if you can get any--you're seeking to have credibility.). Address it to the Dean of college...whoever is in charge. Rationally explain what happened in every instance. Take responsibility (like you have in your post here) for you actions. Explain what you have learned from the experience...how you would handle a situation like this in the future (by reporting it to the authorities in question, not by assaulting someone.)


If this does not get you re-instated, then I would pursue the media (local newspapers...local radio.... local TV (too late from video of the assault (from the get-go...that is...when the verbal insults were flying...BEFORE the punch).


Also: have you considered legal action against the protester? That is another lever you could use against the college if they consider your carefully worded letter and don't reinstate you. The college would certainly not like to have this matter brought up. The papers would be able to punish them for supporting racism. A big no-no in North America today. And Britain from what I understand. Pretty sure just about anywhere in the 1st world.


College level people don't assault people with their fists, they use lawyers, the law and make the people who cross them serve time and lose money. (However, generally, protesters of this ilk have no money to give...just freedom to lose... or a one way trip to the loony bin when their lunacy is catagorically proved.)



Looking at it from what things were like when I grew up: my parents never cared for what happened before they got there. They only wanted everything bad stopped. The college wants the same. If you make this a REALLY REALLY BIG DEAL (ie crushing you is perhaps the worst mistake they ever could make) then they'll have to change their position. However, right now, they think they've got the situation contained. It's up to you to prove to them how wrong they are on this issue.

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ah sorry for not replying on this sooner, I lost my dark password and it wasent till coming back in ogame that I re-found the dark forum link and did a password reset



anyways I talked to the head of the college about it backed it up with a few people I remember seeing it as it was and that guy who grabbed me by the neck was a neo-nazi skin head > : l


anyways my suspension stayed as is but they said they would not put it on my transcript so all is wright in the world ^_^

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wb, at least it got resolved in a reasonable manner that will not cause long term problems. a semester off is normally reserved for a trip to abroad and/or ogaming isn't it? :cow_white:


I can identify with being abused on campus, but it was intellectual attempts by one professor in graduate school. seems she pegged me correctly for being a righteous young white male that wouldn't take or care for the liberal agenda being forced upon me when I am paying to attend a public university. I found out she had bullied my brother years prior but he was lacking the proper wherewithall to deal with it. she had also given essentially failing grades (a 'c' in graduate school) to a friend and I based upon our views rather than our performance. needless to say I got what I wanted, which was to mess with her and get a 'b' in the course. the key with winning my battle was beating them at their games. I would get skewered on this forum if people knew all what had to be done, suffice it to say it is great to correctly call out a staunch liberal as a bigot and criticize her values because as they were discriminating against me as a white male.


so called 'reverse racism' and avid socialism rampant on that campus, but that is another thread for another day.


if the problem does come up again and cause problems consider a few things:

1. did the protesters have the proper rights to be assembled and protesting on college ground? just because we have free speech and presuming this is a public college campus, does not necessarily mean anyone can do anything anywhere they please when they please. if the college is allowing random crazies to protest, seems reasonable that they would hold some blame and would move things towards the 'lets bury it' direction.

2. was the response of the rent-a-cops proportional to the situation?

3. avoidance of potential problems may take a bit of effort but cause less hassles. just because the shortest distance between two points takes me through a crummy neighborhood does not mean it is best solution. a little detour may cost a bit of time/fuel but will save alot of trouble and therefore a better solution with far less long term repurcusions.


note to self: be careful of speaking mind in certain countries...

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you are my hero. I would love to :lol: with you :woot:


as Ratzinger (the pope) said: The law is often winning above justice (I paraphrased it)


Thats the world. Anyway I am happy that it ended up just fine...


once again



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Glad to read that things got resolved to your satisfaction. (And apologies for resurrecting this old thread from the dead...)


One more thing about campus cops: Here in Canada, they are wanna-be or failed or retired cops. In the USA, they might well be ACTUAL COPS.


One thing you must NEVER never do: Be guilty of 'contempt of cop'. Never disrespect the police. Ever. You will always come out a loser.

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... anyways my suspension stayed as is but they said they would not put it on my transcript so all is wright in the world


That still isn't right. Try sending a write-up of your situation, complete with any news related articles and supporting statements from eye witnesses to the guy that does => this <= free email newsletter. It may not help but it sure can't hurt and it just may get you back in classes fast enough to be able to graduate with your girlfriend.


The About link at the top of the page explains about the newsletter and there is a contact link at the bottom where you can send him an email asking what he needs if he agrees to publish your story and try to help.

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