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High Elf Pure Pyro Build ( PS3)

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Great and detailed guide, Daniel! Well done!
Very similar build to my Delphic Arcania style of High Elf (with Delphic Lore and Focus instead of Arrant Pyromancer skills, obviously :D), with the only difference that my Elf is actually a shopper as well (took Bargaining instead of Shield Lore)

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Yah I actually got this to 50 one day and had to walk away from my PS3 for a second to tend to my baby and I got jumped and died lol..... I tried a Delphic HE but just wasn’t as powerful as the pyro so I gave up for some reason.... but I wanna try a duel wield HE with Magic Coupe as the Main CA and see how that goes lol.... I honestly didn’t think anyone would reply or see my post but since this site has helped me so much I wanted to make a post .... I will actually post my OP Voodoo/Nature Weaver Dryad build soon because I didn’t think it would work but honestly I’m at level 112 and my Scorpion deals around 13-16k Damage and my Ediphic Lances literally hit around 13000 a piece well I think it is 26 barbs right now so 13000x 26 I can literally 2 or 3 shot the Niob Guardians with this guy and he is my shopper lol

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On 10/3/2020 at 9:58 PM, Biglzwerth said:

Hello everyone, wanted to do a build that I enjoy playing and that I’ve had success with and try to beat the game on Niob at the lowest level possible.... so far my Dryad has that at level 91 .... he was a Voodoo/Nature Weaver (OP) due to the Moribus Animus being 90 levels above the bosses lol .... but I don’t feel like grinding out levels to 200 so I decided to try the Fire HE and it is lots of fun and super powerful so I will do my best to explain my choices, and the order I took them in.  Also bear in mind this build has a High Level shopper to help with amulets and gear socketing etc. so my high elf will have +60 to all skills at some point around level 30-50 depending on if gear drops with gold sockets.


This build is only vulnerable until level 75 where you become basically unkillable and I will explain down below.


1) Attributes

2) Skills

3) Combat Arts and mods

4) Gear



All in Stamina!  The reason for this is so we can eat more CA runes to boost their damage and add to their modification percentages as well as keeping the regen times down.  I thought about Vitality but with Constitution and the Grand Invigoration buff (Health Regen) you won’t have to worry much about massive health until late Gold early Platinum but you will have plenty of defense at that point.





You will take this to level 75 as it obviously makes your spells do more damage crit more often and cast faster.  I put 5 points into this to unlock the rest of the skills in that tree.


I took this now because I will put 5 points into it very soon to unlock the rest of the defensive skills and when I get my + Skills gear it will help a ton to mitigate damage, let me wear higher level gear sooner and as an added bonus reduce the regen penalty for wearing gear, taking it into the negative in most cases! I took this to level 75 4th.


I took this to 5 points to mod my Grand Invigoration to Bronze and Silver, the Gold mod we can leave for later bronze and Silver mods are the important ones, or get it right after you get shield lore. I will leave this at 5 until after 75 as we really only need to mod this one CA in that tree the others CAs are just bonus CAs and don’t really get used that much if at all. My + Skills gear will boost it for me allowing me to eat more tunes without penalty. I took this to level 75 6th.


Increases your CA levels without penalty and reduces regen times, and add mod points as fast as possible. We will take this to level 75 second.


At levels 11 and 12 put all 4 points into Armor Lore to unlock shield lore.  This beautiful skill will be your main Defense at higher levels. At lower levels it adds to your defense making it less likely that creatures will land a hit on you and allows you to wear shield far above your level which is good.  Take this to level 75 3rd as when you get the mastery for this, it adds Chance to block: Close Combat and it is additive to your shield and gear with CTB:CC! So in laymen’s terms, with this mastered (and with +Skills gear on it should reach 30-35% Block), you only need a Shield or gear with a combined CTB:CC OF 70-65%! Which even in Platinum and late Gold Shield drop with percentages in the mid to high 60%.  Meaning from level 75 to level 200 you will be immune to being hit by melee attacks! Later skills and mod choices will protect you from Magic and Ranged attacks so you will be basically immortal at 75 :). Caveat to that is it can’t be a Legendary or 3 star shield.... it needs to be a 2 star shield as they are the only ones with that high of CTB:CC on them.


By this time in the game you will have only been using the Grand Invigoration buff for the reduced regen times and the Health regen.  You will not have had Incandescent Skin nodded properly before level 18 to get any use out of it.  If you took it sooner all it would have done is make regen times worse. But this obviously reduces revenue times and lets you wear your IS and GI buffs at the same time. Later if you wanna bring this to level 75, you can add your Fire Demon Buff for more Fire Damage. I took this to level 75 7th.


Adds damage and spell intensity making your CAs hit harder. At mastery it drops the enemies resistances to your fire spells making them hit even harder lol.  I took this to level 75 5th.


Adds Health Points and HP regen out of combat. With the + skills gear and your Armor Lore and Shield Lore so high, you won’t be getting hit a lot or for a lot when you do so this should be enough added health to help you get to level 75. At mastery you get in combat health regen to heal you through the minor injuries you will sustain if at all in the later levels.


Raises your resistance to Magic spells.  With + skills gear this will be high very early and added with the resistances your Armor Lore provides against spells as well you won’t have any problems when getting hit with spells. I took this to level 75 8th.


I took this over DELPHIC ARCANIA LORE because DAL would only increase the HP regen I get from Grand Invigoration and at level 65 I don’t need it.  So this baby increases CA damage by a ton as well as reducing regen times by 10% until mastered where it is a 20% reduction. 

So as you can tell the build has been about CA regen time reduction and staying alive until level 75.




COMBAT ARTS AND MODS: I will do them in order of importance and usage.



The Pyro fire elf’s best fran, you will use this almost for every kill barring bosses or when you wanna kill champions with your Ancient Fireball instead.

Bronze - Scorch: 40% increase in initial damage is better than spreading faster.

Silver - Conflagration: The most important mod for this CA as it increases dot damage by 41.7%! Since you will do most of your damage with this CA as dot damage not initial damage, and with everything else reducing regen time, Conflagration is a must over lower regen time.

Gold - Ambition: (15% chance to crit + 0.1 per CA level) is the choice hear as I don’t want creatures to run away in fear I want them close so I can burn them easier.

Eat runes that allow you to have this CAs Regen time to 1 second and below



One of the best buffs in game as it has no negative drawbacks to eating runes.

Bronze - Arrant Pyromancer Expertise: Because you are a Pyro HE Duh lol.

Silver - REPLENISH: (Reduced regen times for all aspects 7% + 0.7% Per CA level) is why we go here with this build.  Much debate has been had over wether or not to take this or Life Energy mod. It is a good mod and I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking it especially if you don’t have + skills gear or a high level shopper. Since we will have plenty of defense, decent hp regen from the buff already and we aren’t taking DELPHIC ARCANIA LORE as a skill, there is no need for Life Energy mod in this build.

Gold - Resilience: Reduction in rebuffs and detrimental effects trumps faster run speed all day. But then again faster run speed is always a plus. Your choice on this one.

I kept this at double my level runes eaten.



So this is a tricky buff because it does give you good fire resist but the aura damage it deals is not noticeable. Eat runes only when your regen times are low and don’t get too high.  Eating runes will increase your regen times until it is modded fully and only until late in the game will you see the times start dropping.

I left it at 1 rune eaten until late in the game when I could control the regen times properly.

Bronze - COMBUSTABLE ARROWS: I chose this over inferno because this is our anti Ranged attacks when the CA is at higher levels. Inferno increases the chance for our CAs to deal double fire damage when it burns our enemies but that chance is low and so is the damage... pretty much Ancient Fireball is the only skill that would benefit a ton from Inferno and it is a skill we don’t really use that often unless fighting champions and even then when modded right you don’t need the burn damage on AF.

Silver - Energy Focus: We don’t need the reflect because when we get 100% chance to block, the reflect will never take place since blocking comes first making it a useless mod for this build, so we take the regen mod.

Gold - Fiery Ardor: Both mods are great but since we have the previous mod for regen and other sources helping that also we choose the 50% fire damage and it goes up 2% each CA level!



This is our boss killer CA plain and simple and we mod it for max damage even though there are arguments that can be made for the other mods. We will eat runes enough to keep this CA at 1 second or less.

Bronze - Magma Rain: 50% increase in fire damage is awesome but then again so is stun locking the boss just about.... I chose to kill the boss faster because you will have enough defense to get you to level 75 where you will be immune anyways so stunning won’t matter.

Silver - Smoking Rock: most of IS damage is physical so a 50% in that damage is better than getting a few more meteors. 

Gold - Devastation: Add critical chance to your  already damage buffed boss killer and watch them fall fast and hard. I don’t really get the use of making the meteors fall faster, maybe if I had the stun mod but I don’t so I chose crit.



This is our Champion killer if they are somehow left alive after a couple burst of Blazing Tempest or if you are in close quarters like a cave or temple where it is easier to use than Blazing Tempest. Keep this CA at 1 second or less.

Bronze - Explosion: Since AF will probably kill whatever you hit minus a boss, there is no need for a dot with Greek Fire. So I chose to make it even deadlier by adding Area of Effect.

Silver - Fusillade: Fusillade overall will do more damage than the 40% increase granted by globe but only when you get your gold mod as the fireballs that’s come out spread out and don’t go after the same target.

Gold - Hot Pursuit: Makes your fireballs both hit the same target dealing nice damage finally. ( It is recommended that you get the silver and gold mods at the same time so that you won’t mess up your fireballs waiting for the gold mod.


Adds Fire damage, but other than that pretty useless IMO.

Bronze - Puissance (POWER): Since you will be the target and not your demon you don’t need health regen for him, so he gets more levels.

Silver - Enliven (LIVELY): Faster casting speed is needed for a caster than protection from debuffs and since we have good protection we take casting speed.

Gold - Modesty: Don’t need the demon for levels so we go for the obvious choice of a decrease in regen times.



GEAR: This section will be short as your gear needs will always change depending. 

WEAPON: Try to get a TinWoras Curse or a Officers Saber. Nlovelas Mastery and the Drumstick are viable options if the first are not there.

SHIELD: Any 2 star shield with A high Chance to Block: Close Combat. That is the only absolute stat you need on the shield to become immune to melee attacks.... if you can find one with one or two sockets that is the best case scenario.

RINGS/AMULETS: + all Skills, Fire Damage, Arrant Pyromancer lore/focus, + CAs , just be careful of the last stat and watch your regen times.

All other gear just find stuff with gold sockets and stats like The rings and amulets.... the sets are ok but just try out different things and balance your regen times against your damage.

Level 12 you can do the Blind Guardian quest and get the drumstick and shield of mirrors adding a huge boost to your stats early on when socketed with + skills Amulets or rings.

So that’s my build so far but once I get further and further I will try and update it or at least update the forum.

This is a solid build; you made a easy to understand and thorough write up. A caution, watch out for gear that increases your Combat Art Range, it will cause Incendiary Showers' smoldering boulders to spread out and they really need to be tightly focused on the Boss instead. Because Blazing Tempest benefits greatly by an increased Combat Art Range, when using Blazing Tempest or Ancestral Fireball one may have a designated Weapon Slot(s) specifically for weapons and shields that have that modifier, such as Glacial Defender and Nlovae's Mystery. And, for they who play the PC version, you may want to make an optionsCustom.txt file and make sure that you have cameraShake set to zero. It will help your cursor target the center mass of Bosses.

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Keep in mind that there's a combo bug on console that makes combos less desirable for caster builds, so make sure you read the wiki for the details.  Check out the Combat Discipline page.

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Yah it sucks that it uses attack speed instead of casting speed but that’s for game versions before 2.4 and even then I think the damage boost and regen reduction outweighs that bug IMO but if you didn’t want that you could always opt for toughness to make you even more immortal if the HE can eve get toughness or just get the Delphic Arcadia Lore to increase the HP regen from Grand Invigoration..... it’s all win win :-)

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***** UPDATE ***** So with Ancestral Fireball the original mod choice for Silver had the advantage of Fussilage over globe because the chance for Area of Effect was doubled, and the damage was about the same if not a little more if both fireballs hit but even with the homing fireballs, the second one targets a different creature and only hits the same one if you are in melee range pretty much which we would be most times..... on the other hand I feel since we are using it to smoke Champions and that only that the Globe might be better since it will target the Champion with full damage.  The bronze Area of Effect mod was just an extra gift and not necessary so we won’t miss it too much if it misses plus the chance to Area of Effect is pretty high to begin with.  So in conclusion since I will be sticking with my original picks of Area of Effect-Fussilage-Hot Pursuit but at longer ranges or hitting packs at long range then Globe would be my pick for the Silver mod leaving the bronze and Gold mods the same..... hope that wasn’t confusing

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That last post was a little confusing reading it back.... I’m sticking with my original mod picks because most champions that make it through my Blazing Tempest, will be in melee range for me to get full effect from my mod choices because the champions will be close so the fireballs won’t split, but if you are hitting Champions or packs from far away you are better off going Globe because the Second Fireball won’t target the same mob the will split even though they are homing possibly doing less damage because of the range.

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