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Oooh coffee with ice cream...sorry Aurora...your heat wave coupled with a log fire....eek melt down :oopsie: ....magically tranforms the temp to something great for everyone.....


oooh I have a magic wand hehehehe


Looks at the faerie :shocked:

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Time certainly does fly the older I get! I cannot believe it has been two years since I was here! The Sacred 2 bug has never been far away though. I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing

Bravo guys.. Lovely that the party's already started... Hooyaah, good on you for what must have been an all night baking marathon.. bravo friend for the tummy full of goodness And Claire... welc

It's the thought that counts. 

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Guest gogoblender

heh, sorry

was away fer the last two day and erialc is down with a pretty bad cold :(

I'm back now and she'll be back fer a nip a the fairy before we know it!




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Cheers Aurora. :D


Didn't mean to leave you like that. *Looks around at all the empty bottles*


Gosh Aurora... Is there any left?! :omg:


You sure can hold yer liquer!


Oh and erialc is reeeaaaally sick so big warm hugs to her!


Our poor schweet erialc. We are lost without you!

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YAY friends at last! Glad you are back Gogo :)




What bottles Schot? :unsure: I dont know what you are talking about....hehe :blush:


And as for handling my liquer..... :x




Oh, Where is Claire when I need her? Get better soon Claire Bear!

We miss you :)



*Big Hugz*



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hehe thanks all of you...maybe some of that krupnikas Gint's makes would help...all that hunny sounds good...I wonder how Gint's feeling this monday morning?....Hope your head is ok Gint and you had a great birthday :)


I'm back off to bed again but thanks for the well wishes and hugs...making me feel better already :)


Gives everyone huge germ free hug back :)

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Hey Jonnyx :) great to see you again...here have a drinkie ...ouch poor GoGo...you know he's a ninja on the quiet don't you? :ninja: ...


Ducks out of the way of Jonny and GoGo slapping each other in a matey stylee ;)

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I was so busy last couple days. I couldn't check the forum. I hope Gintukas didn't wrote what I am going to.

Some highlights from birthday.

Because of I know my nature, I brought beer with me (I was trying to avoid krupnikas - it is so good, if you start you can't stop)

Following hours everyting was fine till Gintu ofer me to try new batch

I made a mistake and I accept it :drink:

I know, I can not stop it so I asked my wife to drive me back home

We had a little chat about, because of my car is manual, why we didn't came with her car (auto trans.) but I am not going to tel you about it :P

After everything is set, of course Gintu was waiting with another shot in his hand with very big smile on his face :hell:



and I wake up in the morning :innocent:

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