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Time certainly does fly the older I get! I cannot believe it has been two years since I was here! The Sacred 2 bug has never been far away though. I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing

Bravo guys.. Lovely that the party's already started... Hooyaah, good on you for what must have been an all night baking marathon.. bravo friend for the tummy full of goodness And Claire... welc

It's the thought that counts. 

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like...you only spit in private right?

No gogo, I spit in public & swallow in private...






If you have some decent (ie older than I am) whisky I'll releave you of that...


Yup, the Llama population's still growing...

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Guest gogoblender

Actually...I just got to try out some jonny walker blue...can you believe that bottle costs more than like a two hundred bux?




anyway...Just wanted to WElcome Brillo to our bar...lol, now we know who he is...he comes from uni 9 and is a member of Dutch's Clan.


So welcome Brillo!


And have a glass of the blue on me!





p.s. ahhh...llama theres a bit a blue left fer you too!

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ahh a fine dink GoGo but I'll have a coffee this am lol and maybe a wee drop later ;) (even if you didn't say you'd save me some lol)


No gogo, I spit in public & swallow in private...



Hey Brillo Welcome to this wacky place;)

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Guest gogoblender



lol, I am NOT lettiing you go until you let me have a dance with you!


*puts a quarter...no wait make that a looney...lol, inflation :P)


Come darlin...I just put in the cool new disco-floor with flashing squares!


lol, put on yer high heels and let's get that disco ball goin!


Yee haw, it's saturday night...


well not quite but saturday night's are in the hearts aren't they!


And...*whips out a flask*...was savin some a this fer you ...let's dance!



Press link for cool dance music!








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Guest gogoblender

Blue IS a whiskey llama


Actually I think most of the whiskey's in it are like sixty years old or more. My uncle got it for his birthday and we all got to have a teaspoon of it.


Gee thanks unkey





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hi all,


sorry I didnt stop by sooner but 1 min I had a craving for beer and since I dont have any thisll do.


So if u dont mind ill hop over the counter and serve myself. I dont know much about beer but I like them strong. Got any suggestions?


Hmm putting together a sentence at 1:45am isnt easy so bear with me.


Uh forgot what I wanted to say... ill post later maybe well goodnight im off to bed, 1st day of school tommorrow can't wait. :smart: Feels good to be a student again.



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Guest gogoblender

oowah crunchie it's great seein you here at the bar dude!


lol, sit back and relax...heh, you've earned it!


And g'luck with school!


btw...big shift now open on tuesday night's cuz Kelly can't do it cuz of dance class. I"M figgerin if you ONLY do this one shift a week...it's a bigger money maker fer you and you'd only have to come in once a week.


Anyway ask yer dad and get back to me on this okay?






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Guest gogoblender

Here's a pic fer ya llama!






Enjoy a glass if you ever buy a bottle and think of me



The cool thing about expensive alcohols is...you don't have to buy a whole bottle to taste it. Just head down to yer local watering hole and buy a single shot. Oh ...did I tell you that it may only cost you about forty bux a shot?





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Guest gogoblender

INterestng...eagle I've never heard of that drink before...is it a hard alcohol or a beer?


INdy...VERY clever, lol!


Only thing is...Absinthe isn't allowed in NOrth America





but if any of you guys wanna gimme a early christmas pwezzie






p.s. I think there was a movie with NIcole Kiddman in it that had a green fairy buzzni around everyone's head when they were drinkin that stuff.

Dagnabbit...I forgot the name!

p.s.s. INdy you big spammer...lol, in the last ten minutes all the posts you've put up have started sun blooms all over this forum for me.


the forum's gone super nova!



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ROFL...Indy ...away with the green faeries:)...woot party time:D :w00t:


GoGo, it is erm just get a bottle, there's a whole ritual to partaking of the faerie and then she leads you by the hand lol...yeee hawwwww




Indy Great taste you have there hehehehehe


goes away with the Faeries:D

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Guest gogoblender



I want absinthe too!



not fair!


lol, I hope someday they have it here too.


Erialc if you ever come to visit you'll have to sneak a bottle across the border okay?


And llama thanks...ayup that was the movie. heh I'm really gonna have ta see it one day!





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Guest gogoblender

*makes a cup of chicken noodle soup fer Erialc's thnotty nosthe*


Are you having problems with your esses darling?


thtuffed up?


have more soup!


Good fer ya...


*tucks Erialc inta the warm comforter and sets the blazing fireplace up fer a nice warm sleep*







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Guest gogoblender

oooh, just saw yer avatar llama.


nice pic of a...llama


lol, you sher you don't want me ta help you find one?


I'm so awesome with surprises!


lol, just say the word bro...say the word...


gogo's executive-avatar-finding at yer service!





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