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Guest gogoblender

ballock wow!


It's fantastic to see you here!


Welcome to the boards!


and ...I'll take that first round and second it with another!


Er...Erialc did that replicated stuff turn out okay?






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Time certainly does fly the older I get! I cannot believe it has been two years since I was here! The Sacred 2 bug has never been far away though. I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing

Bravo guys.. Lovely that the party's already started... Hooyaah, good on you for what must have been an all night baking marathon.. bravo friend for the tummy full of goodness And Claire... welc

It's the thought that counts. 

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Guest gogoblender

heh...man...one am in the morning here...this game is a killin me....




oooh, mik and chocolate cookies in the morning!


*helps himself to some of the goodies*


*opens up a package of pillsbury insta-bake croissants and puts them into the overn*


yummm...smell the goodies...they should be ready in a few minutes...everyone help yerself!


*doles out some tylenols and sunglasses ta Erialc to deal with the replicator induced hangover*


here, dudette...fer you!





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Hello 2 all *waves hi*


Nice 2 c all the old "FACES" so 2 speak from all over....thought I would pop in and check out this place ...looks like the company is awsome .... :drool: May I *hands out pretzels & Bercardi breezers*


Claire : Nice 2 c u around again ....will pop in soon ...

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Guest gogoblender

Yay moonfrost...glad ta see you made it to our liddul cornah of the net!


Sit back, it's beach volley ball today...head down to the beach, lotsa peeps are there...we got tons a extra sun-tan lotion and towels.


The Key Largo beach resort comes fully equipped fer all our guests and friends!




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*slides in 4 a afew secs*


Claire : Feels like home .....


Twinks : Nice 2 c u here 2 ....


Indy13 : Thank u 4 the welcome ...nice site indeed ....*raises a glass with his old pals*


Gogo : Indeed I get pulled around all over the place but its always special 2 c u guys around ....keep up the great work .....


Say any of u peeps seen Suzie around ?!? Ive not seen her since Xmas ..... :(


*Signs gues book & pins Mr Angry face 2 the back of the door*

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Hey everyone! :)


You probably noticed I've been a bit inactive lately, well that's because I'm really busy in RL with school. >_>


Anyway it should be over by the end of the week and you will probably see more of me by then. ;)


Drinks for everyone. :P

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Heya folks!


Man do I need a drink! My nieghbours upstairs have been harassing me for weeks to play Monopoly and finally got me! I just couldn't say no another time. So I say to them: "ok, I'll play. But I cant for very long..." They asure me that it'll be a quick one... Uh huh. I quick game of monopoly. like that ever happens! haha.


Anyway... Its now 4:30... :mellow: am :blink:


Oh yah. And I lost... <_< Terribly :wall:




Ah well. I did mah duty. And now I think I'll have a bottle of dah green fairy. Cheers to you all :drink: and to all a good... :zzz:

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Sees Schot sleeping in the corner....


covers him in a snuggly blanket and sets a big alarm to ring in a couple of hours....*the theme clock is evol*...chuckles...can't miss the party;)


Care Bears Theme tune hehehe


j/k sleep well ;)

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Eek :o Double posting...sorry...Just gotta give WuSu a big dinkie....haha .... he lent me his car and I finally got home....Wu...rofl!...thats the most fun with driving I've had since I had a Lada...So thanks Wu...it'll be back all intact sometime tomorrow;)


Anytime you want to borrow mine give me a shout;)...Lottsa leg room;)

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*walks in, from a long journey to parts unknown...*


Greetings and salutations everyone, been a long time since Ive seen a lot of you and wondered as to what you all have been doing! The wonderful Claire had asked me to drop by and say hello, and how could I resist such a beautiful lady's request. =)


Not much has been going on with me really, working a lot and playing when I can. Trying to keep in touch with all the ol Sacred folks I enjoyed hanging out with, and recognize quite a few are here!


Oh, and bartender... a frosty mug of your finest ale please, while I catch up with these wonderful people... and make that a round on me for everyone!

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Guest gogoblender



Glad you made it dude!


lol, this is where some of us are hangin out till SAcred 2 breaks out. heh, it's got a bar!


And we got a nice party goin on all day here...find yer way to our Grand opening cocktail party...we just put the disco ditties on fer erialc! :P


Thanks fer the drink K2...and here...another one fer you!




DRinkin with friends...heaven!





p.s. heh, oooh, just noticed...the bottles are green...Erialc...did the Order for Absinthe arrive?




p.s.s. k2 your permissions have been adjusted to Friends of the Clan...just refresh and you'll see more this site...heh, it's pretty big


p.s.s.s. Wonders when KnightShine's, Coops, Incendarious et al are gonna gonna show up fer a drink! heh....I'm sher we got us some fosters somewhere!

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Sees Schot sleeping in the corner....


covers him in a snuggly blanket and sets a big alarm to ring in a couple of hours....*the theme clock is evol*...chuckles...can't miss the party;)


Care Bears Theme tune hehehe


Oooooh, mah head... You are sooooo gonna get it!

*Chases erialc around the bar shaking a big bottle of champers and preparing to fire*


Take that!




*Turns around to see k2fatbob*


Oh heya k2! Champagne? :D

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Hey RssDragon...great to see you.....Welcome Welcome..champers....for you...ofc on the house ;)


Just need to get dry...seems someone mixed up shaken with stirred :shocked: ...*Looks at Schot with a wicked gleam in my eye* hehehe


*Looks at the ice bucket with a grin :P

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Guest gogoblender



wowoah, it's absolutley wonderful to see you here!




Erialc is our hostess with the mostess...and she's gotten us all hooked on the visitations of the Green Fairy!


*Pours a cup of Replicator-made green stuff for our old friend*


Hope you like it! And there's always more where that came from!




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Thanks friends.


Well, Gogo... how could I not be here? I love the way you and Erialc write your texts.


Oh! sorry Erialc for the little trouble with the canapes at the cocktail party.


Anyway, let us get drank! :)

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