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Time certainly does fly the older I get! I cannot believe it has been two years since I was here! The Sacred 2 bug has never been far away though. I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing

Bravo guys.. Lovely that the party's already started... Hooyaah, good on you for what must have been an all night baking marathon.. bravo friend for the tummy full of goodness And Claire... welc

It's the thought that counts. 

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Wow, so many new old faces. :P


Welcome Twinks, bob, RssDragon and anyone else that I missed in this thread. :)

K, time to reply to all the threads I missed while I was inactive, this should take a while. :unsure:

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*steps outa rift portal*


Heeeeellloooo peeps *waves @ everyone*


Just thought I would wade through here and see whats happening with all u folks ....*Hands pretzels & Breezers about* Claire I love that piccy of u on the member listings. U little heart breaker ....hiding away for so long ....


LOL with Twinks ....I hope u still having crackers with the Vino....*feeds Pretzel 4 old times*

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Oooh Pretzels Yummy Thanks Moon mi Lovely;)


Well lets get this party going we got new members and lots ta celebrate, and an up coming wedding too!;)...shh we'll make it up as we go along....;)



Pogues..Pair of brown eyes....who wants a dance?


:dance::dance: :dance:

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Hiya Folks


RssDragon : May I have the Honor after u m8ty ? :drool: *waits 4 his turn while scoping out the new faces*


SO the 18th is a big day heeeeeeey WEDDINGs Bdays ...the works ....Oh tell me peeps R we doing anything Unusual 4 Valentines day on the 14th ?!? I could sure use some Ideas ?!? :wow:


Claire : Better make sure u save 5 mins of MSN time 4 me...*looks around slyly* Have lotsa eyes around my desk these days as they R adding new power & lan points 2 our offices ...OPEN PLAN blows..... :ninja:

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Dances an Irish Jig around the bar with Rss!...woo Dragon you can RiverDance !


Waves to Moon and gives him a secret weapon against those work peeps :ninja:


OMG!! GoGo...theres something missing! :o


It's terrible....*begins to feel tears welling up*


Where's your uber trademark coffee machine? Looks around frantically....coffee I need coffee! :wacko:


Good job I have my home away from home machine!....but she won't hold up to the demands of the bar GoGo....we'd better work on getting your super one installed :P



Makes coffee and hot toast...marmite anyone? ;)

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Guest gogoblender

nothin but the best fer me friends is what I say








ain't she a beaut!


Enough pressure ta make the best pressed drink in town!


*pours a few cups fer the waiting fans*


heh, not bad, huh :)


now...I just gotta find us some special beans!

and yay...a wedding!


Moon frost we'll have lotsa fun here on that special day...keep ahead of the snoops at the office ya hear!


And Marmite...wow!


My parents make the best marmite and fried egg sandwiches in town!


Yee haw...someone set me up!






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Hiya Folks


Claire : *Swings secret weapon at 2 old fossils Glaring @ Him...squeals with delight as they dissapear into thin air* :unsure:


GoGo : Yaaaay will try 2 m8ty ....but the FORCE is with these old geysers and they r so resistant 2 change .....*tries Jedi Mind trick on them & fails* Awwwwww nothing there lights R on but no-ones home .....


*settles down 4 a stong potion of Caffine*

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:wacko: I danced so much that I got dizzy.


:whistle: What should I do?


:w00t: Everybody, let's move!


:shocked: Wait! What is that?


:drool: A coffee machine!


:yawn: Ok, I think I can take some rest and enjoy a nice hot cup of Coffee.

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jun, that's deadly man!

Are you kidding?

Four am and yer already at work?



hahah, tha'ts when I GO to bed!


Awesome thought that you can still get online...






p.s. *heads off to the brand spanking new espresso maching and draws a rich cup of steaming hot espresso*





no kidding!! I'm the morning shift supervisor and my shift is 4 am-1 pm. :devil:


just don't ask why I'm online ok!! :devil::devil::devil:

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Woo GoGo thats gotta be one of the sweetest coffee machines I've seen. Goes off to make some early morning coffee creations. Extra strong for Jun...thats an evol shift!


Coffee's all round :D

you said it!! I wake up around 2:20 am to get to the office on time

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K, I'm back on the forum. :)


For those of you who have been wondering I've been on vacation, visiting some relatives in a mountain city. :) I should be getting back to regular spa... err... posting soon. ;)

Also I see lots of new people on the forum, some that I know and some that I don't know, nevertheless I wish them all welcome.

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