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Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

Aurora and Incendareous Bravo you guys!'



Woo Hoo ...a party!!



ARe there any canapes?

Hors d'oevres?




Ballons...more Champagne?


Yee Haw...a party!



Congratulations you couple you!






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Time certainly does fly the older I get! I cannot believe it has been two years since I was here! The Sacred 2 bug has never been far away though. I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing

Bravo guys.. Lovely that the party's already started... Hooyaah, good on you for what must have been an all night baking marathon.. bravo friend for the tummy full of goodness And Claire... welc

It's the thought that counts. 

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Welcome Cassandra...to the bar where the drinks are always on the house for everyone :P as they say...whats your poison?


lol you came at a good time it's party time for Aurora and Incendareous from Spawn :D



:w00t: :drink: :innocent:

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Guest gogoblender

Yee Haw, Cassandra you made it!


And...I do believe I'll partake n teh company of the fairy as wel!


Cass, careful of the locally brewed absinth...it...can have effects you see...


look ma...me eyeballs can see everywhere at once now!








p.s it's a double party...a welcome fer Cassandra a great celebration for Incendareious and Aurora!

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Guest gogoblender

oh yeah...oj and champagne...




They're always great fer sunday brunches...and trick you fast into becoming pleasant...


heh...it's those bubbles you see





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rofl GoGo...you are right about the bubbles...Mimmossa's!...here we call 'em Bucks Fizz....no idea why but thats just what they are..and oddly a Mimmossa's is a kind of veggie curry filled pastry parcel if I remember correctly. Could be wrong though.


Cassandra don't worry we have plenty of non alcoholic stuff to;) lol if only the staffers could find it too;)

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Guest gogoblender

lol, Cass...these bubbles only last on the forum...the moment you click off....




they're gone


nothing but a pleasant memory...that green fairy knows her stuff!




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Wow! Cassandra Vandales! Gogo has really outdone himself today. Nice to see you here. We're a nice group of people, even though sometimes we look as we came for a mental facility or something. :rolleyes:


No alcohol in real life? You're missing on all the fun. :P Hehe, alcohol mode on! Go absinthe!! :drink:

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Guest gogoblender

Woo Hoo!


Llama's back everyone!


*breaks open a bottle of glen livet and sits back to hear some tales*


So it was Malta right?


Where is that btw...where that film the maltese falcon wasabout or something?





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It has been between 35 and 40 degrees here for the last week....


:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:


What I would do for a little cool weather.....


Oh well its good beer weather! :beer:


Anyone for a beer:)

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