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Hello all. Drinks are on me.


Not much to really report from my camp. I had to get a lift into work with my dad today because we got pretty heavy snow and I didn't want to rely on busses in that weather. The manager gets back from holiday tomorrow, so the mood in the shop will likely drop a bit. He's not most popular there it seems. Something about creating more work than he does. Sales are above target as it is anyway, we don't need him :P Plus a big delivery of anything up to 40 boxes to deal with wont be fun. Still, it'll be nice to have money come the end of the month. It might be minimum wage, but it's a wage.


Girlfriend's coming up next week which should be good. Hopefully I can get most of next week's hours done before she comes up. Manager isn't really one for letting us pick our shifts though, especially when we're so understaffed. I should have a day off though, or they'll be bankrupting themselves paying my overtime.

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Hii Guys :) I miss you all so much! Life has been keeping me busy, as has lotro I admit :D But I finally did get sacred 2 and a new dvd drive to run it, so Ill be in to torment you all again ! Hugs and raspberry voddies all around! Im hating the start of winter, but do have a new job! needless to say I now have less free time ack!

Cant wait to kill again with my family :)

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Ohhh woooooooooot!


yaay! Finally! Ari is ready to lead the Dark Kamikaze Army into war as a secret weapon! Until death!! :D


Follow Ari!


It's good to hear from you and to see you have a copy of the drug of all Darks :)



Seeya on servers (After the merge)

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Ahh yes, but you should be in the good side! :) So the gang should be in that side of the world...


Only 2-3 of us are suffering alone!


(hehe not so bad for me... :D )


Anyway I dont know when will they do it, but I'll write perhaps to hurry them...


"Hey I'm a little boy and I WANT merge *puppy eyes*


Anyway...which servers are you on? :)

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Yay! wants to be warm and drunk to get rid of evil visions of natures white frozen dandruff! Way too much out there right now, Mom how are you fairing?

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Yay! wants to be warm and drunk to get rid of evil visions of natures white frozen dandruff! Way too much out there right now, Mom how are you fairing?


Mom calls it white fluffy pollen, and she's allergic.........

She might want some "Hot" chocolate in a few minutes. (one shot of butterscotch schnapps mixed into hot chocolate) Yummmmmmmmm :drool::):P

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mother nature is doing drugs.... its the only answer.


Today was the offical start to winter, not last week, not the week before , not any of the times before today that she has thrown snow and ice at us so far and lets not even discuss the cold cold temps (high today was 10, with the wind factored in, make that -3 or -4).... add to that the 6 inches we had by 6pm and that it was expected to snow til midnight atleast and we are supposed to get 10-18 for total accumulation.... I can only hope this was her happy winter party and after she gets done playing by throwing " confetti" in front of the "a/c" unit and watching it fall she will go comatose for a few months and let us have a mild winter with average snow fall (no records this year please unlike last year that WAS the snowiest on record) and average temps instead of the 20 below average temps we are having now.


I'm not doing well I think.... I already have homicidal thoughts towards ol mother nature ....

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*crashes in and stumbles across the bar knocking over everything in his path*


Good god. I got home at 7AM this morning after celebrating new year, started my hangover at 3PM and I'm off to bed again in 30 mins. Have to work from 7-11AM tomorrow morning... :)

So what's everyone been up to, it's kinda quiet around here...

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*Passes Timo a bucket* :)


Sounds like you had an awesome time. Do tell! :P I chilled at home with a few drinks myself. I think I have enough spinning memories of New Years to last me a life time, hehe.

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Lol well it all started pretty boring, sat in my room in front of the pc playing Battlefield2 and watching a movie (1408, one of my Christmas pressies) until 22.30-23ish then went downstairs to have some of the snacks and drink a few beers. At 00.30 I grabbed my bike and avoided all gunfire to get to my GF's place, picked her up and went to a mate of mine where the party crew was assembling. Drank a few coronas to catch up to the rest and then took a BVO [would translate into BFTR: Beer For The Road] and we went off on our steel steeds, heading downtown.


Party party, drinky drinky, etc.


Brought my GF home and finally dove into my own bed at around 7AM :3lmao: How did everyone got through their festivities?

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Brought my GF home and finally dove into my own bed at around 7AM 1smile.gif How did everyone got through their festivities?


Chatting with Tomi, drinking cold gin and listening to Therion. Making my bro angry. :3lmao:


*toss some beer*

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Going to bed now!


Sleep well everyone! Meet me tomorrow! (hmm 2:21...maybe meet me today)


Argh! school on monday. Great, now I've screwed my day. I'll have nightmares now.


very nice...

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I have my *supposedly* last test of my college years 4 hours from now, and I'm not proud but I have to admit: I haven't studied a lot at all. I'm not feeling too well either, I've got a cold, guess I've got a fever and I just feel kinda low on fuel in general. So, I think I'll be sick somewhere later this week :(

I really, really don't feel like going today.

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OK sorry for the double post but this is un-be-lievable!


The professor was convinced the exam started earlier, so the answers were already online on the network before the test. And everyone saw and learned and passed :( so did I. It's hard not to be tempted, but I like to think I only used it as backup. I tried to do the test with the very limited amount of studying I had done, I had only 3 questions to which I did not know the answer. I could've used the answers for them, but I thought "Nevermind". I cannot believe a)how clumsy that professor is, and b)that this was a test for a MSc course! 30 questions, multiple choice! I read through all the course material 1,5 times (excluding the studying I had to do before each class) and I had only 3 errors?! Come on...


Though, to put it in perspective: we had it worse than last year, when he didn't even bother to administer a final test. :)

Now we just have to wait and see whether there will be a re-test...

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Hey people, where did everyone go? :sweating:



I'm the one buried under throw blankets next to the fireplace .... its frelling cold outside right now ...

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sick sick and sick


So good. In the beginning of the ski-holiday. On the last day.


38C and feelin' crappy. But I still have my friends and family! :D


Soooo lucky me! Dont have to go to school wooohooo...not in the holiday at least! :)

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