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Special Sacred Damage Screen Shots

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For future reference by others, I thought I'd post the special damages I've been capturing thus far in Sacred.



Soul Damage



Divine Damage



Open Wounds



Orla Aisling Charged Bolts



Sakkara Demon - 'Ice Sculpture'(Ice Damage)

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Ahh, great, DaveO!

heh, I've been following your series of these pix over at the sif with excitement over finally seeing the final set bonuses in play.

These are all coming from completed sets, correct?

Can you tell us which sets exactly are causing these effects? Are there specific limits on these damages v.s. certain races for example? I'd love to know the nitty gritty on special damages.

Cheers and thanks for the awesome submission!




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I tried re-attaching my Ice Damage Sakkara screen shot from Photobucket, but kept encountering forum issues even after resizing the picture. If gogo would be so kind to somehow attach that picture to this thread, I'd appreciate it.


To answer gogo's questions about the special damages:

For Open Wounds, you just need a single item with that mod.


For Soul Damage, you need to find and complete the whole Dark Elf D'Brae set. It has the distinction of being the earliest special damage set you can complete if you've gone thru Single Player like I have(over 20 times).


For Divine Damage, the Seraphim gets that bonus if she completes the Talia Mel set. This is much harder to complete in my opinion. It seems more suited to a melee/magic hybrid Seraphim.


For Orla Aisling, you need to complete the Orla Aisling spear with all three rings socketed. I completed this weapon set with my Vampiress due to four ring slots that I could devote to +skills so that I could actually use the Spear. Due to the massive lag this item creates, I'd highly advise SELLING all items to this set rather than causing lag for others.


For the Ice Damage, you need to find and complete all of the Wood Elf Blizzard set items. This is my favorite set thus far due to the snow and the Ice Damage. Plus it's a really fun, but rune-intensive build where I use all of my CAs to high levels. Most of the items have character level 46 as the minimum, but this is by far the BEST set oriented to providing serious boosts to magical damage from CAs.


P.S. - I'm a few days away from being able to post Blood Damage with a Gladiator using the completed Andiell set.

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Masteff on the Sacred Official Forum beat me to posting the Blood Damage shot:




Since I don't have to waste time to play thru and repost an image already submitted, I will proceed with my next character.

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Wow, the blood damage loox great.

I had the image hosted and stuck it in your thread, DaveO.

You can now move the code to where you wish it to be so your thread is complete.

Yay, Mastteff, for the blood damage pic!

And thank you DaveO for putting this reference thread together.





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In my haste to put together a reference of screenshots, I neglected the Vampiress Dark Damage! I do have plans on posting a shot of this, but if anyone can beat me to it then I'll give them the appropriate kudos!

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Obsession was nice enough to post a shot on the Sacred International Forum site. I copied those damage shots, plus the Battle Mage ones to my Photobucket account and have updated this thread accordingly.



Dark Damage shot 1



Dark Damage shot 2



Battle Mage - Secret Damage shot



Battle Mage - Secret Damage Dragon shot

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I figured it would be nice to let Night Wolfe have those screen shots as additional reference for her site. I did not realize there are several sets that provide unique bonuses, so anybody else who can assist in filling those gaps would be greatly appreciated!

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You are welcome to use the few that I have and you don't....


If people could get Relmin's Teleport enemies, Aarnum's Bind Ranged Fighter and Mages and lastly Egil's Projectiles Pass Through Enemies Bodies on screenshot that would be fantastic! That would complete the page I think.... the rest wouldn't be possible to get on screenshot I don't think.


It couldn't hurt to have a better pic than I have of Let it snow... either, with the Desert in the background you can't see the snow as well as I would like.

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