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Sacred Guide: The Secrets of Your Weapon Slots and CA choices.

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I've always wanted to know how others set up their slots and ca's. I find it fascinating and have never seen a thread like this in the SIF. So let's bare all. If you can, take a pic of your array and describe the weapons, reasons for them and then the ca's.

Do you build toons for elemental damages?

Do you use all your slots?

Do you just use some and for you that's enough?

Are you a multitasker and are always trying to squeeze more onto your bar?


Let's see what we're all building and have some fun looking at everyone's array and gaming style then.


This is my array here on my platinum serapim trader who is a WIDDer:




From left to right I'll describe my slots now:


1-Attack Weapon Slot

2-Celestial Light Weapon Slot

3-Regen Spells/Speed slot

4-RBOL Weapon Slot

5-Far Sight WeaponSlot


Ca Slots:


1-Attack CA

2-Celestial Light CA

3-Rbol CA/Strength of Faith...depends on my mood.

4-Combat Jump CA

5-Combot of three CA's:

a-RBol level 165

b-Strength of Faith level 125

c-Light Shield level 135


As you can see, I'm not an elemental damages player, after being sucked into the widd game a while ago. I much prefer to over power all monsters with huge amounts of damage, and have balanced in favor of being able to use and manipulate a a lof of Ca's at once. I love seeing my seraphim doing flips in combat, landing with an Attack, then casting Cls on a distant skellie mob as a source of hp while my rbol does constant damage.

The Far Sight, for me is a new slot, but now I just can't see myself ever playing without it ever again. Once you have seen how easy it is to save time and just run straight to mobs, you'll find it had to run blind again.


Raab sister daggers at the max level you can can use, have, as far as I've seen, been the maximum of Ca's per weapon v.s. any weapon with max socketed max ca level rings that I have ever been able to find. If you find a Raab dagger, keep it :P

Duel them if you can to launch your rbols with and if you are using any of the other ca's which they help with consider placeing them in the proper weapon slot.

My Regen spells weapon slot is now standard on any build I make. It can reduce your regen time on all your buffs by at least fifty percent and in the case of my Daemon in Niob, by two thirds.

Useful when regenning those buffs is important. This slot, if I'm lucky usually has speed boosts built in. I usually always run from one battle to another after I toggle to this slot so that my my running speed is increased and my regen spells is working to quicker my regen on all my long term spell buffs.


And so guys, how have you built out your builds?

I'm curious to see how peeps are using their slots and ca choices, and this thread could prove interesting.








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Ranged WE here


1) Phys Bow (usually Ettol's if I have it)


2) Fire bow Arielfi's or Polemides or a relly good yellow one


3) Magic Bow Octanion once I get it


4) Poison bow - usually the best blue/yellow I can find as no set bow does much poison


5) Spare - usually keep my trade weps here


I haven't had a really good unique bow in so long I forget which I've used. One (Magic Glass bow?) has pretty good MF, but weak damage, so I'll equip it in slot 1 if I'm in a safer area and don't need max damage

Combat Arts


6) Multi-Shot


7) Exploder


8) Penetrating Arrow


9) Combo slot. Usually higher level MS


10) Emergency save slot - Recuperation with about 20% life restore.


I don't have a regen slot, as my Combat Arts are kept pretty low anyway, and MS, my main CA, lasts a lot longer than regen time.


I do a lot of "6, rc (right click), 7, rc, lc, rc, lc, rc" as my regen allows just about every other arrow to be an exploder.


Don't know if I'll ever be a sophisticated user like you, gogo. You practically need a manual to run your gal. I've been watching the trhreads on far sight, and I may put some in slot 5 once I get to gold.

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Hehe curious gogo...


Don't use all my weapon slots, usually have at least one open.

Slot 1: main attack skill (with my DE's this is always PM)

Slot 2: main buffer (Testy)

Slot 3: speed gear/later on this gets Crit or Split, combined with def depending on needs

Slot 4: empty?

Slot 5: empty?/trading gear when needed


CA slots, I use all.

Slot 1: PM

Slot 2: Testy

Slot 3: Mongoose

Slot 4: Adren iirc

Slot 5: Testy combo (for dragons and Sakkara playgrounds)

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I have so far, only used one weapon slot for all of my characters, but only when I started using my seraphim I so far am only using a weapon slot to get my RBoL 3 lvls higher xD

I just don't think I have that good enough Itemsfor the slots. that's all, if I had the weapons I would use all the slots I had, but at the moment not..



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Very interesting Thing, gogo.

Ususally I don't use many Slots..


Weapon Slots:

1. Weapons

2. empty

3. empty

4. empty

5. Trading Weap/Shield or empty


CA Slots:

1. Main CA

2. 1st Support CA

3. 2nd Support CA

4. empty

5. empty


My left Hand is always on ALT, Space, W+R and 6, 7, 8. Those Hotkeys are reachable at any Time. 9 and 0 are too slow to reach in Combats. So I try to leave those Slots out, whenever I can.

Generally The most important CA is on 5 and the following get Step per Step more unimportant.

I love it simple :whistle:


Some Examples..


Poison Daemon


1: Weapons

2: empty

3: empty

4: empty

5: empty


6: Poison Daemon (Poison Cloud)

7: Soaring Daemon

8: empty

9: empty

0: empty


Fireball Mage


1: Weapons

2: empty

3: empty

4: empty

5: Trading Equip


6: Fireball

7: Ghost Meadow

8: Stoneskin

9: empty

0: empty


Ranger Gladiator


1: Egill's Vehemence

2: empty

3: empty

4: empty

5: empty


6: Multi Hit

7: Heroic Courage

8: Stomping Jump

9: empty

0: empty



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Here's my melee BM setup:



Items of interest are the Byleth Wall in 1st and second slot that comes with a lot of Flameskin and the Mammons Cut in the 5th slot which comes with a lot of Stoneskin. I've socket Mammons Safeguards in it which also have a lot of Stoneskin. Items mentioned are set items.



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Well, since you can setup 6 hotkeys via F1-F6 in UW....

I don't need the 5 slots on the right side anymore, only one :drunkards:


so I can do all with the left hand, I usually only use alt,shift,crtl, key 1-3 and the adjustable F1-F4 hotkeys..


somwhere out there, there's this little prog.. the hotkey-remapper... so you could even re-adjust all keys used ingame... (not needed, for my requirements though.. I'm just fine.. never use so much weapons or Combat Arts.. exept with mage,damoness+dwarf)


(only reason to use the 5 slots on your right hand side would be if enabling the 'combine slot' function, so when you activate slot 3 on your left side, slot 3 on the right side is activated automatically, too.. could be usefull for a RBoL seraphim eg.. but experimentally function only..)

Edited by Rotluchs
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Hi :sweating:


I never really used thoose hotkeys...


Most of the time my slots are fiilled with: my main weapon (and shield) 1-3 Spell or CA booster and/or items I cannot store anywhere else.

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Interesting variation going on here. lol, Therion and Rotluchs going with all purist builds! :P I guess I get bored and...greedy. For example, after seeing the benefits of what far sight offers in terms of speedy gaming style, I don't think I would build a toon without one now. In fact, I feel rather blind when I don't have a toon that uses it. Also, Far sight has great merit for teamplay. When you're running with friends looking for mobs, you get to play eagley-eye boyscout, and lead the party go bigger experience faster.

My spell regen slot is an absolute must have. Every toon I have going now uses it to make the best of both timers and the added bonus of this is that with a superior spell regen happening I can cast buffs on all my friends (go rbol!) and increase their fun as well.

It's fun filling out the slots with all kinds of different mods. This game is full of them and perhaps there is a way of playing this game that noone has seen yet. Using a careful selection of weapon slots and timing can give greedy players a little bit of everying.





p.s. Never used the remap remap prog cuz my Nostromo does it all!

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Hmm I usually go for the most slots/ best attributes item I can find and fill them! A shield would have max def as attack, Bows with max fire or poison damage. (I try as much as I can for the one hit kills, Im still trying to perfect that though...) Any armor with max defense. Then I add in on the other various pieces, with LL and experience gained runes and those special finds (Amulets or rings)

I also like to have the "find special items" High as well so I can find lots of goodies to share :P


I know I do more.. but I haven't had alot of coffee yet... :angry:

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ISn't there a Build on this you made gogo? How to use weapon slots etc?

I only have one weapon slot in use though... I need to get myself to buy some other stuff and other specials etc...


Anyone has any tips for what to buy for which slot per character say, seraphim full magic?



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