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How do I Apply for a D.a.r.k Clan?

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Hello and welcome to our applications Centre!


The following guidelines here will help you through your process of applicancy as quickly as possible.


First, you will need to post your application in the Clan Applicants Lounge after having made a minimum of fifteen (15) posts,then wait while you hopefully win a positive vote in your favor on our discussion/vote thread which will be opened up for you internally.

You will also need to state which one of our sponsored clans that you are officially applying for..

Sacred, Ogame, Vendetta...etc...

After you have done this please state your reasons why you want to be a member, what you have to contribute and why you think D.a.r.k is the clan for you. Please also make sure you have read our Clan Questionnaire making sure all the fields are filled in properly and honestly.


Please list all of our clan members you have met online in the HC EU servers... this is important. It shows that you have begun making friends, and this very much helps when we vote regarding your application.


After you have made your application then...you wait for one week while the clan discusses and votes upon the granting of a probationary period for you in Clan D.a.r.k


You will also need to make a minimum of 15 posts before before even being eligible for a discussion towards a probation offering.


During that time we encourage you to make good use of your posts and get to know if our community is a good fit for you. You can use our introduction section and get yourself known to the gang pretty quickly and if D.a.r.k is the place for you, making those posts is something you should enjoy. :4rofl: Your presence during this time will have a great effect upon the voting and discussion that will take place over the following week regarding your entry into the clan.

So post and show us who you are^^

If, you've made yourself known whether by in game presence and/or here on this site, the discussion on your acceptance should be satisfactory and you'll probably win your vote for a probation. If the vote goes in your favor, a pm will be sent to you regarding the offer of a one month Fellowship Candidacy. This is a probationary offer during which we will see whether you are a fit for us and we are a fit for you.


Presence on this board is important, and your candidacy will be subject to how you post and the attitude and energy you show in your posts. Not showing presence on our boards is subject to a review by us which can result in a termination of Clan Membership or your Fellowship Candidacy after a considered period of time.


In the case of Sacred and perhaps other games, your clan tag is mandatory during this probation. Please make sure you have the tag [D.a.r.k] affixed to your name. This shows that you are a Fellowship Candidate for D.a.r.k and also marks your name and presence on the servers to other members of the clan who can easily find you to play with.


As well, regarding Sacred 2, we are currently only accepting applications from people who play on the PC version EU servers..


The majority of Clan [D.a.r.k] is in the EU HC servers. Unfortunately, with the servers being separated at this time, we do not have the manpower and time to admin and oversee two separate clans in two different servers, especially with us unable to get to the U.S servers.


Our sincere apologies.


As well, others from our clan have been asked to post upon your applications thread to say hi and also tell you of their online times for Sacred. This will help you with your probation and let us get to know you better.


We also ask everyone to read our forum rules regarding posting guidelines as we ask all member of our community be aware of all the many people from all over the world who use this site.


Once your probationary period is over, your name will be affixed to the appropriate Clan D.a.r.k Roster (Your proof of being a member of a D.a.r.k Clan), your permissions will be adjusted so that you can see all our internal boards, you will be allowed to use our official Clan D.a.r.k Sigs and an acceptance and welcome thread will be started for you here in our public forums with an all you can drink party thrown in!.


We'd like to wish you luck with your application and hope to see you playing with us in our clan and/or a member of our boards..


Cheers and good luck!




The FDM Team

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