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Sacred 2 High Elf Versus Magmadur - Dragon Boss


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Nice video and description :D Love your style. Mind if I ask about the skill build, attribute distribution and your spell modifications? :D
I had a similar ice High Elf a few years ago that I've played up to level 100-ish but felt so squishy later onto the game (especially on Platinum) since I kinda ruined the build focusing on % Lifeleech items and sets thinking it will be like in Sacred 1 where spells would've heal you up lol :D :D (it was in that period where I switched between the two games and got used with some old mechanincs from S1 hehe)

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16 hours ago, Hooyaah said:

Thank you, Gabriel. My build is here: Devastating Mystic Stormite Build. What isn't included within, is what items you should want to socket and I suggest a healthy mix of All Skills + x, Ice Damage +x%, Combat Arts +x, and Aspect Mystic Stormite +x%. You also will greatly benefit from wearing Glimborin's Garments of Mutation. Sadly, it's likelihood to drop in the game is about .000010021% so you will benefit greatly by downloading it. It also helps significantly to hold Glacial Mirror and Nloyae's Mystery, as this pairing awards some Damage Mitigation (all types) and an increased Combat Arts Range. The Sigil set, KilthEmAl, also increases Combat Art Range. And, as you have apparently discovered, leech life is useless for a pure caster build. I cannot stress the importance of getting Chance to Halve Regeneration Time to a full 100%. You can download Tristan's Companion or do some shopping for jewelry with this handy attribute. (I also uploaded some excellent jewelry in the Downloads section.) This will allow you to "memorize" vast quantities of runes and still regenerate your CAs fast! Well, I believe that covers your questions; do let me know if you have some others.

Thank you so much for your effort to provide these tips! :D  Very helpful indeed. Sadly yes, the mutation sets are so so so rare (I have like 4-5 toons with Perception mastery, tons of +EP relics and +Chance to find valuables and still I have like 3 or 4 mutation pieces at best (one for Inquisitor, one for High Elf, one for Seraphim and one for Dryad I believe). Will start slowly finding whatever the game grants me and might download it after Niob or so :D

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