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The Largest IPM Launch in all of Ogame.Org History

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Awesome indy, with yer deut offer. Guys I've also got more deut to spare and crystal to help with the ipms. Let not let rez depletion be a reason for us running out of ipms.



Gintukas, omgstuff, Ike, Yaga...please indicate what you guys need...


This is an official offer.

I want to move the rez to hungry ipm launchers





p.s. .dis is da weekend

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I have 10kk of metals, 1.6kk of crystals and 12kk of deut in g1, will move some more res for weekend (will raid a little bit too), so I should be ok :)


but will see on friday what situation with those res :)

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OK, I believe that I am done building. I produce at 0:04:05 per IPM per planet, and have level 5 silos. So I hope to send 75 IPMs every 1:40:00 or so. I expect to start when I get up on Saturday morning (~11:00-12:00 oGame time), which should be after he is offline. I will have my silos filled for the initial barrage, but I'll probably need lots of everything after the first few rounds. Would it be possible for res donors to get res to someone with a real planet in the area? I have no defenses or fleet in the area, although I plan to move my lame 400 SCs to ferry res if necessary. It would be easier to request res locally as it is needed so that I don't have to worry about a major shipment from G7-9 getting phalanxed.


I'm starting to get just a little excited! :)

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I have a planet at 1:42:6, so res. can be send to me (just need to get over there after 00:00 server time - dont have any defence)


also yaga have a planet, but it would be a problem because of pushing (he is higher then most of us :) )


so whats eleonor's tipical online time?

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Gint, just sent you an ingame pm, regarding when to send rez to be held for Ike. I'm going to send all the deut and crystal I have, when I get yer times.

You decide if you need some for your self as well.





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So after a chat with gogo I analyzed all possibilities for the defender in the case he should come online during the attack.

Obviously the best way out of it is going into vacmode, which can't be prevented, or can it? :)


One cannot enter vacmode if he has buildings/researches undergoing, but those can be canceled, OR if he has fleets moving. Well, he has a fleet, but he definetly ain't moving it, so why don't we make it move? How you may ask? Even if one goes into vacmode attacks against the player that have already been launched will still hit. So if Yaga sends his fleet in advance (to arrive after the ipm attacks) his fleet is doomed even if he goes into vacmode. However there's still one way to save his fleet: deploying to his moon and entering vacmode afterwards. Since it takes a couple of minutes to do that this is our biggest problem.


The solution to this is obviously to send a fleet big enough to attack the moon as well in advance. That way his fleet will again be crushed should he go in vac mode. The arrival time of the fleet isn't an issue as long as it arrives in the minimum vacmode duration. Even I can do the attack from gal X. :)


At first I thought that he could jumpgate as well and that we would need to target the other moons as well, but then I checked his planets and found out that he doesn't have any other moons.


As for him deploying to his colonies and then going into vacmode that's not an issue since it would take more than an hour to do so and we would have enough time to send an attack there as well, so no need to do that in advance.

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Re: Online times:


Eleanor seems to active around 01:00 to 09:00 +1GMT (check ure times). Oh he has started to probe my planet and moon in g1, guess ill have to leave some bate ;) .. u never know :)


Re: Vacation mode:


The main issue is that we don't have a fleet around that could take his fleet with the defenses and if he went into (v) mode we would not be able to send more IPMs. :( The other option, of course, is to get him banned w/o (v) mode. :)


Re: GoGo res:


Thanks! That should make it much easier. I think I may end up with some plans for Saturday at some point (probably a few hours worth), but I should at least have time to unload 600+ IPMs before any plans, and more when I get back.

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Re: Vacation mode:


The main issue is that we don't have a fleet around that could take his fleet with the defenses and if he went into (v) mode we would not be able to send more IPMs. :) The other option, of course, is to get him banned w/o (v) mode. :)

There are of course a couple of things to consider here. Chances are that if he is to come online it would be after a large amount of his plasmas are gone. Also Yaga can wait before sending his fleet untill most of his plasmas are gone. That way the losses on the attackers side wouldn't be that bad even if he were to go into vacmode and also he might get scared thinking he'd still go on with the attack and decide to fleetsave just to be on the safe side. We also must take into account the fact that he would be under a LOT of pressure and thus his decission-taking capacity would be blurred. :( And of course Yaga can recall if he actually does go into vacmode should the attack be unprofitable.


The purpouse of the manouver I suggested isn't to guarantee that we at least get his fleet killed. The purpose is to give us the highest probability that he wont go into vacmode. ;)

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Re: Vac mode- I guess that would be up to Yaga, but that sounds like a good plan.



I'd like to start planning a time to commence the IPM battle.

I've got Nanite 3 and Rocket Silo 6, so I'm ready to go.

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I am prepared to launch as soon as I get up Saturday morning (11:00 a.m. - noon game time). That should be after his normal activity trails off (01:00-09:00). Someone with a phalanx in the area should probably try to verify his activity. Can we get a channel set up somewhere for war info? It would be good to get an espionage report and statistics prior to the hit (and periodically throughout the hit, including after every update). It would also be good if everyone could count up IPMs used. :pitcher:

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There is a channel at your disposal which can later be set to invite only :pitcher:





If everyone who needs access can pm me I can set you all with ops there so that if my pc crashes sleeps etc you can have the control of the chan and also set to invite only etc :P


You can paste this link into your browser if you have mirc installed and it'll take you right there :(




I am aware you will need to keep this channel secure so I strongly suggest you use your forum name and register it on irc...if you have any problems I am in irc://irc.holonet.org:6667/DarkMatters_Boardroom

and you can send me a private message there. I can help you register your nick and also then set up the # to invite only. ofc I might not answer you immediately, kids n all but I will....private message me there though if you get stuck :)


Wooo Hoo


The #honey trap is open for business :(

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OK im in need of some deut since my last hof drained my resources somewhat (was 50 systems away) .. this is what I have put aside for the hit and ipms so far:


12m metal, 10m crystal and 10m deut (working on increasing this pot)


Im using nanite 4 and silo 8 to fire missiles from.


Main problem is financing the hit, which at most 3.5m deut dependable on fleet composition. So I need to get more deut somehow as my farms appears to be low on deut :pitcher: I cannot recieve deut for free from anyone because it will violate the pushing rules, ih. a trade needs to be made. However it needs to be a normal trade, since neko has banned people before for making unreasonable trades. I need some input on this. Remember, after such a hit, its possible the GOs will go through all trades a.o. stuff to see if anything may be considered illegal.


Other issues:


1. As ive stated before I simply cannot do the the hit after only the plasmas are gone .. a huge part of the other defences needs to be rmed as well. My fleet is _not_ a sphenodon sized fleet .. preferably most the defences should be rmed. On a different post in this thread I posted my fleet, techs and a simpage so that people can see for theirselves when I can do the hit.


Latest update on my fleet:


xxx lf

xxx hf

xxx cr

xxx bs

xxx ds

xxx bc


xxxxx recs


xx,xx,xx techs


2. Folks were talking about a way to prevent him going into vmode by keeping his account occupied with a fake attack. Im not comfortable with this as it feels dangerously close to cheating or manipulating a feature in the game. I will not risk my account this way.


3. Ive worked in some time at work, so ill have free all monday in case this may drag out during the sunday evening and night.


Except for the deut im pretty much rd :P

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Hey guys, sorry for the double post...just a reminded please do NOT speak of this ops in any of the other channels. Some of us are right now in the new channel Claire has created and it's the ONLY one that is safe.


More rez delieveries...


Gintukas I've just sent you more rez to give to ike and for you too if you need it:


metal: 4.5 mm

crystal: 2 mm

deut: 1.8 mm


Hope that helps





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Hey guys, I've got more rez...I can forward it to whoever needs it...that first strike's gotta be collosal. Maybe you guys can table how many ipms you're all capable of making and we can see whether we actually have enough to finish eleanor off? I can forward more rez if peeps on the shooting end are short.





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I'll be firing off 75 in the first volley, and another 75 every 1 hour and 45 minutes or so (except for a short break around 16:00-18:00 oGame time). I have the initial 75 built and I will have around 2.4 MM metal, 1.5 MM crystal, and 750K deuterium on hand. I estimate that between 11:00 on Saturday morning and 01:30 on Sunday morning (around Eleanor's normal up time), I can reasonably send about 625 IPMs (including the initial 75) at a cost of 6,875,000 Metal / 1,375,000 Crystal / 5,500,000 Deuterium. This should be about 1/4 of the total number we need. Assuming at least a couple more rounds after that, I would need an additional 1,875,000 metal, 375,000 crystal, and 1,500,000 deuterium. I can reasonably store about 5-6 MM res at a time without concern of being hit by someone, assuming anyone botehrs to scan me, which is pretty rare.




Start: Saturday 11:00 a.m.

Finish: Sunday 05:00 a.m.

Total IPMs: 775

Metal needed: 6,350,000

Crystal needed: 250,000

Deuterium needed: 6,250,000


I know GoGo sent some res for me to Gintukas, but I don't have the numbers on that handy. :o

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Fantastic Ike

We'll wait till Gintukas gets here then we can figger out how to get rez to fastest launchers.


OKay, everyone this is the irc link to the new secured channel that Claire set up for coordinating this:




As Claire, indicated in the other thread, just copy and paste that link into your browser and if you have mirc installed...Bingo..you'll end up in the room.


A couple of us are in there now, moseying in and out, but I expect it'll be full tomorrow morning.





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