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Sacred 2 Niobium High Elf Versus Holos The Paralyzer


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"Holos The Paralyzer" has several special combat arts including a paralyzing stop which may immobilize his opponents and victims. Pledged to rid this region of this powerful Minotaur boss, our high elf bravely goes forth into his lair, a labyrinth of caves in the Bengaresh Desert.

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His paralysis CA sounds like its scary but I dont remember ever going into hysterics with this boss :lol:   When you stopped with that pause in your video was it because he paralyzed you then? 



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Fortunately, he didn't use his amped up physical attack! Also, Glacial Defender combined with Megalcarwen's Garments adds quite a lot of Damage Mitigation at that level. Plus having some - DOT and - Chance to Wound, Burn, Weaken, Freeze, Poison, also helps. I didn't have to drink any Health potion.


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