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Reference Map: Denizens of Ancaria by Territory

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To all of our friends over in the Italian Sacred Community a heartfelt thank you for the use of this submission. Patroclo Picchiaduro (moderator from the Italian Sacred Forum), one of our new Sacred Clan Diplomats from $MostWanted$, a clan based in Italy, helped with letting us host the map files here in all of it's fabulous detail. Seeing the monsters ranged this way via territory is a great way to bring excitement to a map. Makes me want to go in and kill stuff!






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Hi :whistle:



Imagine how nice it would be to merge some server to incrase Sacred online population! Together with the Italian and spanish guys we would have a lot more constant players :D


I know there would be some technical and other issues regarding this and that it wouldnt happen in the future but no matter - the idea sounds fine! (atm)

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Also if we could merge the German servers or at least have the option where those who have different servers could all play together :whistle:. Great Idea Csaszar :D

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