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Sacred 2 Niobium High Elf Versus The Nameless Guardians (Bosses)


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The Four Nameless Guardian are the protectors of the Great Machine and it is the sworn duty of our heroine the High Elf to shut it down and end the threat to the Land of Ancaria. Eliminating the four awesomely powerful mechanical bosses that stand in her way will be quite a brave, daunting, and death defying feat. Each of these massive mechanical monsters do Physical Damage and each also deals Elemental Damage. One possesses injurious Magic, the next Fire, the third Ice, and the last and the greatest of the four, deals Poison damage and resists all but Fire Damage. Will our ever determined lady win the day and save the people of Ancaria from their perilous fate, or will she have come all this way to perish, now alone, unaccompanied by any other physical being, and without a soul to tell of her glory?

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Sorry Hooyaah m8 but for me your videos have no interest at all. What is the point of seeing a boss being defeated in 3 hits with items no legitimately earned because you make them drop by cheating? Play a legit self-drop character and come back please :) You don't even need to take your mount while it's a must for hardcore characters to save your life in case of a bad meet. No offense of course m8 as I'm sure you will again have a good answer.

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@desmThe only items that I force to drop is the Mutation Garments set for the High Elf because they never actually drop (maybe one piece in 2,000+ hours of play. The other items either drop in the game naturally and I collect them. or I have obtained (especially yellow jewelry) by lots of shopping at the Merchant and Runemaster on Start Island. I keep these items and use them over again and I believe that to be "fair use." If the Garments of Mutation actually dropped in the game as do the other sets, I would not need to force them. The biggest part of the story is the build and the exacting balance of attributes in the jewelry that I buy from the aforementioned vendors which I forge into the armor, weapon, and shield. I'm sorry that you don't like the videos, but I certainly don't mind that you do not care to watch them.



@Flix Perhaps, there could be a tweak to, or even an alternate version of the Vanilla Drops Mod which could include the Mutation Garments and a few other select items that would then drop in the game. There are so many items that drop without the Vanilla Drop Mod enabled, that it seems the few items sought after seem to be the most difficult to find. Another approach is like how the Enhanced Edition offers great rewards for completing tasks and slaying specific monsters. Also, were melee weapons not to drop for pure casters, and a list of undesirable armors. Although, I don't know how feasible that would be.

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Well the mutation sets do not drop with the "Vanilla Drops" mod, I think that's why you can't find them.  With the base CM 1.60 or EE the mutation sets have a fair drop rate, considering how powerful they are.  The drop frequency is lower than normal set armor, but much higher than it was in CM 1.40 and earlier.

CM 1.50 actually had the highest frequency. In that version I had made them as common as any other set armor and they dropped like candy, that's why they were scaled back some in 1.60.

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I stopped using the Vanilla Drops because there were some items that I wanted that were not available. The current High Elf that I am playing, now finishing Niobum level, has not once seen a naturally occurring mutation set piece.


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