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Sacred 2 Trading: Rules for Trading Posts

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Hi :)


As you can see with the closure sweep of old trades that was done today this area is becoming very busy now :dance:


We have outlined some basic rules in order to keep this area as up to date as possible for everyones benefit. Please give these a read through and try to stick to them.

  • Please indicate what it is you are looking for and what it is you have to trade.
  • Please indicate where people can reach you if you would prefer in game/pm or within the thread you created.
  • Once the trade is completed it is the responsibility of the person who posted that thread to post a closing post and indicate that the trade is completed.
  • At this point a mod can come along and close the thread.
  • This system will allow us to constantly make fresh threads that are current, valid and allow everyone here to connect to possible potential buyers.
  • So again please...
    If you make a trade thread and you complete it...whether on that thread or in game...please...
    post that notice that says that the trade is complete so that it may be closed.
  • Any out of date threads which have no been posted on will be closed by the team without comment and only reopened if requested by a pm.
  • The Renaming of threads....Please do not ask for this if you have a complete trade have that one closed up. Then ceate a new one. It is confusing and time consuming for the team here so please don't ask....refusal often offends :lol:

Thanks :D

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Great rules Claire. The trading section is a busy one, and everyone helping everyone out with keeping it in order helps with getting the trades off nice and fast.

Good job




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  • 1 year later...

Bumping this thread. Sorry about the delay for this section, it was a long time coming, but Sacred 2 has pulled us in so totally :D


The trading thread which was running has now been moved into this section. Please read the rules regarding how to post and have your trading topics closed. Hopefully we'll be able to pair up items and happy new owners quickly.


Thanks viper for that trading thread, it helped us out until we were able to revamp the forum properly.


Happy trading everyone.





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