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Dragon Berzerker in EE3.0a

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The Dragon Berzerker
In vanilla the dragon berzerker was only playable very early in the game. Enhanced Edition 3.0a made it more playable:


I wanted to test how playable it is. I did this by trying to start with an empty chest, no bargain or smith character used. I was  doing the campaignes in each difficulty as soon as possible. I used superspawn (more enemies) and the alternate spells module.
The dragon berzerker is a splitted personality, so I will split the test in two parts.

Berzerk Mode

While berzerking you can't talk, open doors or chests, you can't activate portals and probably some other things I forgot. But you can fight and this really good.
The berzerker in EE3a can have buffs. We get started with repeating the runemaster's son quest. Each time we get runes for our two buffs. We can either read them or change into runes for dragon berzerking. To have two buffs in berzerk mode the first skill we choose is concentration at level 2. We are in a dilemma: we need the buffs because we can't build up protections with equipment. But high level buffs reduce the regeneration speed of the berzerker combat arts. So only do the buffs as high as needed in the beginning. You have to activate the buffs with the hotkeys (6,7). Even with concentration at mastery and 150 runes read in to berzerker you won't be able to activate a third buff. It is probably hard coded.
In EE3.0a the dragon berzerker has the Alchemy skill. It turned out to be 40% longer potion/trophy duration at level 75 and combat art level of the berzerker 76. You have to activate the trophies/potions with the hotkeys when transformed. Another reason why Alchemy is important: the demontooth trophy. It gives regeneration per hit for 20+ seconds. It is very useful in a boss fight because it allows to spam the x% lifeleech combat art of the berzerker. If you want to play as a berzerker learn to farm the demon teeth by killing demons.

Use an Alchemy slot for the healing trophy. Reaching Niobium at level 90 we won't find best healing potions. The ones we find heal only 40% of the max Hitpoints. The trophy is way better in this. I put it on the 'N'-key. N is for Notfall(emergency). Also I was sometimes frustrated when hitting N accidently and the chat and news windows popping up. I like my key mapping better.


All boss fights berzerking:
Level 6 leaving Bronce with fully modified dragon berzerker: Fury-Concentration-Blood Frenzy

Level 10: fully modified Runes of Protection: Awe-Stoneskin-Runes

Level 18: fully modified Dragon Ally: Scales-Protection from Fire-Life Force

Level 48: Silver campaign finished
Gold : campaign finished level 64
Platinum: campaign finished level 82
Niobium: as you could guess: level 82 and 71% survival bonus, playing berzerking is no fun, but not impossible with trophies

Part two when I have translated the combat arts and mods from german to english.

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