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Druid elemental build?


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Need advice  on this one.

So far I'm level 40 and having fun with CAs like Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone armor, Oak Sage, Summon Wolf, Summon Bear. Could also try Heart of Wolverine

Stats: mostly on Stamina and a little in Vitality


Elemental Focus

Elemental Lore

Nature Summons Focus

Nature Summons Lore

Ancient Magic

Armor Lore


So, any advice, should I focus on Elemental or hybrid with Nature Summons?

I prefer caster with  1h staff weapon + shield but I noticed I hardly hit enemies when in melee range.

What stats?

Whats Skills?

What CA mods?



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Welcome to the forum

Last time I did a test start with a druid was in 13 I think.

Take Helgrotha as god

Do the runemaster son quest several times in easy to get or buy runes: werewolf, heartof the wolverine, cyclone armor


Concentration 1: to have two buffs

Primal Magic focus: stop at 9 with a full modified werewolf: Lycanthropy, Ruthless, Hunger

Nature Summons focus: stop at 9 with a fully modified heart of wolverine: Feral, Swipe, Blur

Elemental Magic focus: Stop at 9 with a fully modified cyclone armour: Quench, Ward, Vim

Armour lore

rest for your choose


You can start with a werewolf who can kill most bosses easily. Remember: you can't talk, open chests or door, activate portal while shapeshifterd. But you can activate two buffs and alchemy trophies while shapeshifted with the hotkeys. The werewolf allows a quite safe start and can do most bosses in early game. Late game is possible if you know  where to find the needed trophies. 4 of the 5 skills you would have chosen anyway.


I added:

elemental magic lore

nature magic lore

combat discipline

ancient magic

primal magic lore


My build was a 3 aspect one to test all possible spells with it.




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