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Happy birthday Scleameth and Epox

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P.S.: You two could not just have the same birthday but had to have your years in reverse Scleameth(32), Epox(23) :4rofl:

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Party is at some private game lodge - actually it's my brother-in-law's bachelors party, but no reason why I can't have a round of drinks on me ?


@ Schot - this sugar thing got me bothered and I think I'm gonna put together a poll on some sugar mannerisms.

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Happy Birthday Epox and Scleameth






:drunkards: As we say in France, or as I'm used to say with my old friends


Santé, et que le cul nous pèle ! I wonder if I'll manage to translate with one day into English lol

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And a big fat happy birthday from me to the guys!


Epox, a big Boar's feast for you and Scleameth, all the sig software you could ever want...:)


I hope you guys are having an incredible day, lots of goodies, food, chicken legs for epox and drinks for Scleameth.


Best wishes you guys


Happy Birthday!






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Yeah I Had A Blast Of A Day With My Pumpkin. We Were At The Movies And Saw Meet The Robinsons - Great Movie! Crazy Humour - I Like! Then We Went To A Restaurant - All You Could Eat In Meat, Salat And Ice Cream MMM! But I Was A Bit Tired After Work And My Food (Self-Spiced) Was A Little To Hot - Chilli, Pepper, BBQ And Garlic, And Lots Of It :) ... You Can Guess The Outcome Of That Mixture :heat::4rofl:


I've Got, From My :( Little Honey Bunny :heart: , 5 Game Cube Games :yay: And More To Come :woot:








Hey Were are my gifts Schot and gogo :4rofl:

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