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Comments and ideas about Ultimate Sacred Guide

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Heya Nihilith :devil:


I've been going over the guide page by page to see if there is anything I might be able to help with and found a couple of things you might find useful. :lol:



Difficulty levels:

  • Platinum : 100-180

How to get items:

  • The BM CA Whirl Wind can get you items by knocking the items a foe is using off.


  • Zoom in while shopping at the Braverock merchants. This will allow for faster responses from the merchants after clicking on one. While zoomed out it is typical to experience a sort of lag resulting in much slower response from the merchants.


  • An explanation on how to mule/transfer items from #1 account to #2 account using only one pc would be very popular information I think. Sadly I don't have the answer to that.


  • I'm not sure if this would fit under your section of Timers but it is certainly related. Use of a weapon slot to reduce regeneration times. For example a Character Class that uses Combat Arts that require "regeneration special move" to reduce it's timer could do the following to help manage regen times. Buy a weapon and shield that has good "regeneration special move" and that also have 3 sockets each, (The prototype sword could be used in this scenario). Then buy rings/amulets that have high "regeneration special move" and socket them into the sword/shield.
    I do this often for either spell characters or special move characters. Using a level 1-2 dwarf trader I can create a weapon slot that has +200% spell or special move regeneration for a new Bronze character. This is most effective for early game. This also means that you don't need to socket regeneration into your armor and allows you to socket damage or MF modifiers instead.

Combat Arts - List by class



Just a random thought there. You might start off each CA with their in game image.



Your guide is really looking fantastic Nihilith and I'd just like to say how wonderful it is to see you progress in this project. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to ask me. If I'm not able to help in a particular request you make I may still be able to suggest to you a person that could best aid you. :)

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Nihilith did you miss the Underworld main quest explanation that I put up for you?


Also that is a GREAT idea about the sets!! Now why didn't I think of that? LOL! :D


Hey Night Wolfe :)

Be sure I didn't miss your post about UW. Sorry not to have answered to it. I've already taken your text to insert into my guide :)

Thank you for having done it for us. :)


About the sets, you didn't think about it, but hey, we are a community of player, and a community of opinions. I thought about it for the only purpose to be shared with all of you. As far as I can tell, all your work follows the same path. You didn't think about it, now you can always think about giving it a go. And I know you also know how to do that :) My work is only to gather all I read and hear everywhere. If you want to put this idea on your site, feel free. The more the info spreads, the more we gather players :)




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Thanks Nihi! I really appreciate that! I think I will have to work something up for it and as soon as I work out all the kinks and get suggestions for the characters I am not all that familiar with (like the the dwarf and glad hehe) you obviously are more than welcome to copy it as it WAS your brilliant idea!

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Guide updated with :

MF chapter. If any comment, feel free, this is the first version of this part.

Main quest summaries, thanks to Night Wolfe.

Corrections according to Schot's remarks

Far Sight Chapter.

Question : What is the english title for Act V (underworld campaign) :)

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Ok, always trying to tweak my guide, I really need info about CAs


Max duration (all CAs if any)

Type of Damage (all CAs, if any)

Type of target (Need a target, can be shot anywhere, area of effect, point blank, can be cast on player, npc etc.)


This is a template that could be use

(No valid info in this template, just examples)


CA Name : Ring of Ice

CA Type : Offensive - Point blank area of effect (no target needed)

Distance : Point blank (90 in the case of Phase shift for example)

Radius : Melee range

Type of damage : Magic

Max duration / level : 30 seconds at level 60

Comments : Slows enemy. does not trigger split or life leech


This would be a really good way to achieve a complete desc of the CAs in the game.

How many of you have tried DS Glad and found that LL didn't work with it... Mankind must know about it lol :D


Hope you understand what I mean with my template


Thanks by advance, I won't have time to test all CAs

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Underworld campaign

(thanks to Night Wolfe)


Chapter 5 : Title :)



I believe the title of the act is in fact "Underworld".... :)


As for the set hints and such that we were talking about before. I started but then had to stop.... most of it just seems soo self-explanatory to me that I am not sure how much to put..... if you or someone would choose a random set and do one up as an example to show me how much info. should be included and what should be said I would have a much easier time with this project :P

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On the Chat part.


Can you please move n00b away from the newb/new player part?


They do not have the same meaning, thus making it wrong to place them misleading.


A Newb (Newbie, New Player) is offcourse a player who just started playing the game.


But a n00b. He has played for a little while and STILL don't know jack S**t (Primarily acting like a person being experienced in knowing nothing)

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