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Druid Buff Bug

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Have you ever felt the need for unlimited damage and attack speed(till cap of 450%)? Then this bug is for you!

You need Heart of Wolverine modded with Bornze Feral mod and Gold Blur mod.

Step 1: Turn on Heart of Wolverine buff (might not be necessary)
Step 2: Shapeshift into wolf or bear; doesn't matter which
Step 3: Turn on Heart of Wolverine buff
Step 4: Shift back into your druid form. You now have another instance of the afformentioned mod effects applied to you
Step 5: Repeat from Step 2 stacks every time both the wereforms and the druid get unlimited +%damage and attack and cast speed bonuses

Unlimited Power!

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This bug affects every class in every mod which allows shapeshifting.

A possible fix could be to make all buffs which can be used while shapeshifted into companions. Then the companions could cast temporary buffs on allies including the player. But this could mean that the buffs are not on when you need them most because the casting would be random.


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Well aware of this, it has existed since CM 1.60.  Should be fixed in next release.  Buffs will not be able to be switched on/off while shapeshifted, but whichever buffs were active upon shifting, will remain active.

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18 hours ago, chattius said:

This bug affects every class in every mod which allows shapeshifting.

That's odd, as not all mods of the buff seem to stack. So I thought it had something to do with how the mods were implemented.

12 hours ago, Flix said:

Well aware of this, it has existed since CM 1.60.  Should be fixed in next release.  Buffs will not be able to be switched on/off while shapeshifted, but whichever buffs were active upon shifting, will remain active.

That's great news :) I was so annoyed that you had to recast the buffs on every shapeshift anyway.
Sad that the shapeshifting is still restrained by sacred2's mechanics. That no interaction with people and boxes, no interaction with your gear etc. makes it so bad to balance... Your choice to give it a downtime is also quite annoying but understandable because of how sacred 2 forces you to balance it. It's contrary to d2's design
though... Have you ever considered ditching the dragon mage's shapeshift mechanic altogether.

I have a creative idea :)
The druid doesn't really "need" a special mount draconicon. What if you implemented the werewolf and werebear as mounts? If you just gave it no mounting animation and nowhere to put your char while mounted you could basically summon your werewolf, "pop in", stay in there as long as you want, the wereform's effects would be on the mount as special mounts can already have all kinds of bonuses. Your character's gear and skills etc would remain in full effect. The interactions with everything exept cave entrances would be functioning well(and I think someone somewhere here managed to fix the cave thing already, maybe that could be implemented in D2F as well?).
You would lose the option to give werewolf and werebear CA's of their own but it would free up 2 slots in the Primal Magic aspect so you could just give the druid some generic kind attack CAs that he then could also use while not Shapeshift/mounted; I don't think that would ruin his design. You could put a lot of his attack power affecting stuff into the mounts. If its possible to edit the number of existing skills you could potentially even replace his "riding" skill with a similar "shapeshifting" one, that could have whatever effects you want "while mounted".

Don't know if all that would be possible, but I think it would be closer to the original d2 design wher you basically choose werewolf or werebear and stick with one, but you can keep it up whenever you want it, which turns out to be always :)

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Just remember how Ascaron ended: The game was developed, then Microsoft changed Windows version and several deep code stuff no longer working. The Windows interfaces lacked good documentation from Microsoft. The Addon was sort of a last try to keep the company alive. The Dragon Mage shapeshift things came a bit too quick because of this. But tell me another game that is still quite good in graphics and sound after 13 years and still is way better than other games which leave the final test phase to players.

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3 hours ago, chattius said:

tell me another game that is still quite good in graphics and sound after 13 years

Objectively, the graphics and sound of a video game should not decay over time. To me the graphics of Sacred 2 have worsened a lot, just as much as the graphics of Diablo. However it is not due to a lacking quality of the games, but of my body instead.


3 hours ago, chattius said:

and still is way better than other games

I've played quite a few arpgs in the past among them Dungeon Siege(1+2), Diablo(1+2+3), Path of Exile and of course Sacred(1+2). They are all different from one another. They all had/have different design goals...

The Dungeon Siege games focus more on the roleplaying aspect and the adventuring party style, where one player controlls multiple characters at the same time.
Diablo 1 basically created the genre with the lucky transition from turn-based to real time.
Diablo 2 fleshed out all the options the new genre had to offer.
Diablo 3 was more of a merge with both elements from the arpg and mmo genres.
Path of Exile has a heavy focus on complexity and competitive play.
And both Sacred and Sacred 2 focus heavily on the casual fun (and a lot of german humour...).

I have enjoyed playing every one of these games. I also found things that I disliked about each game on this list.
Which one is the best? How would I even start to measure "better"?
In the end, a video game is just a work of art and its value to us is measured in the impact it had on our lives, in the communities it created, in the way it helped us connect to family and friends and in the joy it enabled us to share with those we love.

When I say that the dragon mages shapeshift forms are a "bad" game mechanic, I do not suggest to know why they where implemented by Ascaron that way. I merely state that I dislike the fact that I can't open chests, talk to npcs etc. during a druid wereform. If it could be easily fixed, I'm sure the cm patch or this mod would have taken care of that already. I also dislike the way both summons and shapeshifting forms in this game have a fixed progression. There is almost no way to customise them. Summons/forms are either strong or they're not. It is mostly independent from gear and build choices, taking away an important part of this games depth.

I try to write as much as I can about the way I think. I may not choose the right words but enough words should evemtually help everyone understand, that I do not write here, to offend others. Not you, not the original game devs and noone else either. We all talk about a game that we care about and enjoy playing, else we wouldn't be taliking here at all. I don't know how to express my positivity in writing and I am also horrible at guessing what other people felt when they wrote their post.
And I also don't know how to round up this post, so I'll just throw it out there and hope noone gets hurt :)

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12 hours ago, Flix said:

If all goes well, in the next release the shapeshifted forms will retain the Druid's equipment bonuses as well as the skills that the Druid has learned. 

Wow, I did not expect this to be possible. Sounds grea! 
Though I remaon curious to know wether my  crazy mount idea would have worked :)

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