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Enemy Health Bar Info

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Got one question answered, now have another.  I searched on DarkMatters Wiki and it is still not clear to me how to interpret the hi-lighted enemy health bar.

There are these small colored bars showing damage types above and below the enemy health bar. 

My guess was top bar is type of damage enemy will inflict, bottom is its weakness, though showing 80%20% physical/fire means what?  More susceptible to physical?  Best both?



Okay, I think I figured this out myself.  On the Character Panel there is the last 10 enemies taken out, of which it shows the "Damage" dealt and "Armor" of the opponent, which the colored bars match up to what I see on the opponent health bar status.  So I think they are the same, top is Damage type, bottom is Armor type.  Correct if wrong, but this seems the logical conclusion.  

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