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Hey, I bought that!

I was trying to fix the sound problems I was having with Sacred 2...but the patch fixed all that. I'll be honest and say I actually returned the sound card. I found my onboard was handling sounds pretty good, and I instead re--routed the money for that card into...dom dom dom dom... A new 22 inch samsung monitor!


And you're right...the crystalizer was ...odd. I'll also say that I didn't think it was worth the 137 bux CAD that I paid for the card as much better improvement. I bought the gamer one, and only found out later it was sort of their low end model with this new technology. I think I'm going to wait another year or so if I think of upgrading my sound because all I use it for is gaming, and so far onboard is keeping me good.





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Hidden Blade Overkill Cpu

Not much, just a poster for the classic componists wall of our 10 year old music genius:  

I fiiiinally gave in. I've been wanting to buy a pair of ice skates ever since I saw hundreds of people skating around at a local park early this month. Since then I've stopped in at a sports store

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I'm gonna put it up for sale again too I guess. Not really worth it.

A mate of mine is very happy with it but he has 5.1 surround sound, and I'm not buying any other speakers.

And gogo, the Gamer is actually mid-high end card. The Extreme Audio (being a friggin rebranded Audigy, it's functions etc are completely the same!) is the budget card without the X-Fi chip. Everything from Extreme Music and upwards carries the X-Fi. ;)

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Thanks, you guys. I wanted to post something here but I was afraid of double-posting and couldn't edit my last post. Why can't we edit older posts, anyway?


I went to my class's Christmas party Thursday and brought back...





...a large vegetarian pizza. The one I had looked much better than this one, though. I tell you, some people can't cook.


And yesterday I did as everyone does and went Christmas shopping. While browsing Wal-Mart's video game bargain bin, I found a copy of...





...No More Heroes in a pile of games such as Mini Desktop Racing and at the same price. It was $20. I could have rented it twice for that much.




My brother got me this for my birthday:



By lucalain


The First Chronicle of Malus Darkblade, with volumes 1 to 3 of the series. My brother had the fourth, but when he lent it to me I told him I'd rather read from the beginning, so he got me this as a shared present. He told me it was meant to be a Christmas present, but his girlfriend convinced him to give it to me today, as he had not bought me anything for my birthday, it seems.

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What, has no one got anything worth mentioning for Christmas?


I got a bunch of stuff myself. I don't want to bore you with all the loose candy in my oversized stocking, or a list of everything I got, so here are just few of the presents that matter.






A box of pink M&M's. I couldn't find of picture of the box, but it's kind of like that bag. This present is significant because our friends and family have been working hard to collect money for some breast cancer foundation for a few years. But now as I'm typing this I see only 50¢ from the price actually goes to breast cancer research. I'd think they'd contribute a bit more than that.


Next is...




The novel Soon I will be Invincible. It's a superhero story and I was interested in reading it.


And last but not least...




The Annotated Elminster's Collector's Edition. It's basically an extra-fancy 3-in-one omnibus, with a jacket-less hard cover, illustrations, and imitation old paper pages. I worked with the books in the series at my job a few years back, and have been hearing good of it, so I decided to get ahold of one of the books. This present is the result.


That's not all. With Christmas and my birthday on the 19th I got a total of 21 books, if you count the separate novels within the omnibus. I don't think I can read that many books in one year, with work and college and my clan duties. My wish list wasn't much longer than anyone else's in my gang. I did have a sublist of nearly 40 books I had compiled over the years, but I didn't expect to get half of it. I got little else besides books, though, just candy, which I'm thankful for, but could do without, and a single game, but not Sacred 2. I guess I can't complain with that must stuff. I technically only opened two presents from the pile under the tree at my family's Christmas party, and nothing at the other two before it. I played Santa instead. Good fun, that. This afternoon, however, was a bigger deal. I went to my aunt's party, the same aunt who got me the beef jerky I mentioned in a prior post and a funny hat a few weeks ago. There she had three more gifts for me. I don't understand why she's spoiling me so much lately. She's also my godmother and has always been the most generous with me, getting me a present once a year, but she never went so far as to come to my place with stuff every few weeks.


When you people recover from your hangovers and party buzz, come on over and tell us what the jolly old man brought you. That is what this thread is for.

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I really REALLY don't have the time to get pics of everything :devil:


I got:

-a small FM radio


-Philips LED candles


-Boss Bottled (perfume)

-a box of those Christmas cane thingies

-2 Stephen King books


-a drum&bass CD


-a cheap headset so I can chat with my GF either with Skype or MSN

-and a lot (at least 10+) of DVDs: 1408, Apocalypse Now, Bad Boys I&II, Batman Begins, Black Sheep, Braveheart, Cloverfield, Death Note, both the Grindhouse movies, Dude Where's My Car, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Italian Job, 2 DVDs of a Dutch comedy program, Hannibal Lector collection (all except Hannibal Rising)...

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A couple of weeks ago I bought this:




...My first serial comic book. It turns out the cover had nothing to do with the content. The story was about Ms Marvel who for some reason couldn't use her powers or wear her costume, and Spider-Man who had to web-zip her around a small army's worth of gunfire to some container on a ship. After reading it, I found out American comic books are not actually comic books at all. I counted 36 pages, which is below the minimum of 48 pages for the name of "book" to apply. Under 48 pages, these things are called "brochures". Yes, even if they're bound in a hard cover with a jacket. All this time Marvel and DC have been selling us comic brochures.


And at some other time, earlier this week, I was at my local mall with nothing to do, and I decided to have a look at the video game store there. I knew they had nothing I wanted, but I had time to kill and I figured I could commit that murder in a store that had things I'm interested in. So in I went, and after a little while of looking at the shelves aimlessly, I saw this:




...A copy of X-Men Legends. I had played the sequel, X-Men Legends 2, and its spiritual successor, Marvel Ultimate Alliance (where my favorite characters included

Ms Marvel up there), and enjoyed both immensely. The $15 price tag was sort of tempting, as well, and I made up my mind to buy it.

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Poster from IKEA above my bed.

It was supposed to go for €39 in the sale (used to be €110) but got it for free because the lady behind the register made an error :bow:

200 x 89 cm.

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Yesterday I got this by the mail :



It came directly from France.


Some people will probably say that I'm a big Sacred 2 fan, because it costed me over $200 CAD to get the French version of Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood.




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Starting at the bottom and working our way up:

Samsung Surround DVD player (with a not fully functioning dvd drive...)

Akai DVD Player

And 2 speakers from the 5.1 surround set from Philips.



Vista Remote Keyboard

A wireless keyboard with a trackball and several multimedia keys. I'm finally able to check out my mail/msn when I'm already (or still) in my bed :(

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Earlier this week I was wearing on of my favorite shirts. Big deal? Yes, because that day, after lunch, I gave a slight tug on the hem and tore a huge hole. just 15 minutes later I went to put my hand into my pocket, and instead of actually going into the pocket, my hand went into a hole near the bottom of my shirt, which tore even wider than it was. Coming home that night, I decided that my shirt, despite being my favorite, had done its time and threw it in the bin to be recycled. So today, because I can't get into school or work without a shirt, and it's getting cold out, I went shopping for a new one. I had to drive to 6 different places before I found anything good, and on my way there, I looked at my watch and saw, to my horror, that it had died in the last 10 minutes since I had last checked it. That's the watch I've had for over 5 years, which has gone through 3 different straps, the latest one being a huge, studded leather affair, and whose face buttons have lost their text from use. So when at last I got to the sixth place, a Hudson Bay Company store, I looked around and found:




A blue shirt,




an orange shirt,




and a watch.

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Wow, Luca forgot to jump on the lucky train :)

You mean it went on a runaway while I was crossing the track.


My luck has turned since then however, as I have found this:




The rarest snack food in Canada, indeed, in all the world. I have not heard of its existence since I was five years old. Everyone I've asked about it thought its maker had just gone out of business years ago.

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