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Csaszar's mini Guide: How to find niob grade items with low level requirements

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Csaszar's Mini Guide series:

How to find niob grade items with low level requirements?



I am sure you all saw from time to time relatively low level set and uniq items with a gold indicator showing that it is from the niob difficulty.


In this mini guide we will try to cover how to find these stuff and why its worth finding them.


Basicly there are 3 categories of these items:


#1 Quest given

#2 Found in a chest (for example the one located in the Valley of Tears Bear Cave (or Golem Cave or simply BC))

#3 Got from a low level enemy in niob difficulty




#1 Doesn't require too much explanation. Quest given set items tend to be (but not all the time) much lower level than the char who gets the quest reward. To my best knowledge every quest which has a chance to reward you with a set item could produce a lower level item reward and this is independent from the facts: how many and what level of players are in the same server. I got some of these stuff alone some of them partied.


#2 There are more than one chests that could produce sets when opened but as far as my experience goes the big chest in BC is the one what does this most frequently (other chest could also produce some nice rewards randomly)*. Its quite possible to get something useful from a few runs here. Of course the place is full with those nasty Golems who are trying to prevent you reaching your goal - so getting to this chest isn't that easy - but if you have patience it could be a very rewarding trip.


this kind of result is common to both: Byleth.jpg


#3 Now this is the most interesting among the three options. In niob difficulty its not easy to find a really low level enemy - we are not speaking about a few level lower bad guy but someone who is definitely not a niob level monster. Occasionally you can find some here and there but there is a place where they can be found (quantity may differ each time and respawn) in large numbers.

Lets visit: the Dryad Forest!


Enter through the portal lets head North-east. Portal.jpg


Now we are after those little Sylvian Spirits.



How truly amazing creatures they are! They are either very high or very low. The red circled ones are reaching maximum level very early and the grey circled ones are lvl1. If you are lucky you can find a nice amount of thoose level 1 ones in groups. These grey guys drop very interesting stuff: either absolutely worthless level 1 items with a niob indicator or very low level but niob grade uniqs. I am sure I don't need to mention that we are after that last kind. With every plan based on MF the outcome could varies a *bit* - but sooner or later you will hit the prize and find something really worthy.


some funny drops:



and now something that is really worth our time: ozzy.jpg



Enter Dryad forest - find (preferably grey) Sylvyan Spirits - kill lotsa of them - grab the loot - hehe I know it sounds soo simple :o


Why to bother with all this?


These items - if you are especially after them - require sometimes great efforts to get so one could think: why even bother with them? The answer is simple: they could mean the difference. But even if they are not really needed they offer a plus to your char what is not available others at this level. Having a same level Byleth armor as an another BM? Well yours will have all the benefits of a niob grade gear - much more spell regen/defense/bonus to all spells. Imagine your - soon after started - Vampire as she slaughters undeads with the huge damage bonus of that Ozzy ring. Theese are things that you are not required to do but they could add massively to the fun factor.



:) E :)

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wow Csaszar u deliver the greatest walkthrug's EVER!

I have now readen for hours to find out something new stuff for sacred

and I always end's on your post's when I find something I like and works great!


Csaszar I Salute you! :sick:

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Hi :4rofl:


I think there are a difference between gray monsters and grey monsters :)


At least I got really good drop from thoose Sylvian Spirits - IMHO thats it because they are not simply below your level but waaaaay below. Ofc that was with good MF chars.





I think I had some really lucky drops because I got several sweet jewelry there around level 50. But in the long run patience is advised :P

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Guest FrostElfTwin
I tought grey monsters hardly ever dropped an item. And when they did, its mostly a potion or something. Does the MF solve this? Or just extreme patience :)


I got an Aarnum's Fiery Sword dropped from a grey enemy (a gargoyle IIRC under Hedgenton in a cave) once.


Grey's can drop items too... just usually boring to kill.


Thanks Csaszar for this guide. Interesting wrinkle in the game.


And now, I'll have to pay visits to BC. I usually ignored it for the Sakkara nest.



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