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Is it possible to make Sacred Underworld armor pieces invisible?

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Hello everybody. I have downloaded two RuDDicK skins [DAEMON (DA JI) -Wood Elf (Dark Elf)] that I have loved, but I have found the disadvantage that the armor overlaps, of course, the skins. What I've been wondering about is the possibility of making all the armor invisible, removing the textures and keeping only their stats.
I don't understand much about the subject, but I've been doing some research, downloading Tex Extractor, but haven't gotten any results yet given my little experience with this kind of thing.
Does anyone know if it is possible to do what I propose?


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It should be possible to make armor pieces invisible, but I haven't tried it yet. As far as I know, making the alpha channel of the correct tga files full black to have 100% transparency should be enough, but you should do this for every armor piece in the game... Probably there are also other ways, I will check

Edit: proof of concept, I edited the alpha channel of HORSE07.TGA to have full transparency, and my undead horse is now invisible. You can also play with transparency percentage, to make phantom steeds or whatever, and it also works with armor files. The horse shadow is still there, so now I have to figure out how to make it disappear as well.

Sacred Purehd Screenshot 2022.01.15 -

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adding more informations
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  • gogoblender changed the title to Is it possible to make Sacred Underworld armor pieces invisible?

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