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Welcome to Spawn!!

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Hi All :)


Just opening up a new thread, where we can welcome Spawns latest members....


We have a few new members and hopefully they will all be a part of Dark Matters soon! :)


We have also closed applications...we have 15 members now and think that's well and truly enough...We dont want to become a mass alliance :( lol!


In case you are wondering who is who, our current members are:





Epithet (Snakebite)

Anestty (Coops)












Cheerz Aurora:)

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Celebrimbor wrote:


Well met, friends.


Nice to know who you all are...


Erialc wrote:


Hi everyone from SPAWN....it's great to be able to Welcome you all :)....SPAWN is an amazing bunch of people


Schot wrote:


Welcome to the family guys and welcome back Bef! :)


Gogoblender wrote:


Welcome all

And amazing to see all the spawn players!

Good luck on your adventures with your new alliance mates Disasterpiece, DrunkenMaster and Vovoid

Spawn is a first class allliance and even more importanlty, close friends of D.a.r.k

Enjoy the bar and best of wishes with your game!





Aurora wrote:




Just wanted to welcome Vovoid to Dark Matters :(


Its great to have you in Spawn and wicked that you have been hanging out with us heaps in IRC Vovoid!! Glad you fixed up your connection so you dont drop out anymore :)


Hope to see you in the battle blogs soon :)




Erialc wrote:


Hey Vo...Dobry Deny.....it's great chatting to you in irc...coffee and cheese for you...huge welcomes


Coops wrote:


a BIG fat hello to Spawns latest members..


Welcome! :(


I hope you enjoy meeting the great bunch that is Spawn!

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Hey Guys


Just letting you all know we have another new member :unsure:


Nishroy has joined Spawn! He got our attention because he is a great player, and more importantly has a great sense of humour and is heaps of fun :) We approached him as he hasnt been very happy in his previous alliance and he quickly accepted our offer!!


He came into IRC tonite and it was crazy with over ten of us talking at once, but he seemed to fit right in!!


Of course at this stage we are being cautious just until we are sure he will stick with us.....

So we will give it a bit before we let him into the secure areas ;)


But for now hope everyone will make him welcome ;)


Cheerz Aurora

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Guest gogoblender

hey Nish, welcome to one of the friendliest, well-run and most coolest clans in the game.

Spawn is more than just allies with us they're also close rl friends.

Give em tons and they'll give you even more right back.

Great choice and have fun with them and here at dark matters.

welcome dude!




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  • 2 weeks later...

Unfortunately Naglafar had to give up O-game due to RL commitments.... :sad:


So we now have new member ;) ........Snakebite will be taking Nag's account and SaberX will be taking Snake's account...SaberX is Snake's little bro :)


Welcome to Spawn and to Dark Matters SaberX!


Great to have you on the team, hope you have lots of fun with us :yay9ux[1]:


Cheers Aurora


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Guest gogoblender

Welcome to the gang Saberx!

Great bunch a peeps here...make sher ya heads down ta the bar fer goodies

Cheers and best wishes with your game




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  • 4 weeks later...

As some people may know there has been a few changes in Spawn lately....


Firstly a big Welcome to our new members Firefly and danwilliams...you guys are a great asset to our alliance and its great to have you on board :) You have heaps of ogame experience and are more importantly heaps of fun and contribute to our community in IRC greatly /thumbsup


For those who dont know Trauma has stopped playing ogame :) but he generously passed down his awesome mining account to Ari /woot and she is enjoying having even bigger mines that she did before /wink and Ari chose to pass her account on to Nishroy


Saberx took over Befs old account and Snake has taken over Naglafars account :)


So lots of changes but everyone seems pretty happy with how things are going and I am really happy with the alliance as it is. Almost everyone is contributing in IRC, which is absolutely fantastic /woot Not only are we a close knit alliance, that communicates daily, we are now a group of great friends /hug


/yay YOU GUYS ROCK /yay



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Guest gogoblender

Aurora thankts fer the heads up

And it looks like all the account trades are goin nicely.

Spawn is doin well and your family is just as close as ever.

lotsa luv

and...lotsa points too!







p.s. have fun with spawn dan and firefly!

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